What Is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a series of practical tools – perhaps the best tools on the planet today – to allow you to develop the skills to produce really effective and powerful communication and for you to do it effortlessly.

NLP has the toolkit to revolutionise the way you learn, communicate and interact with others.
It is extremely useful for setting and achieving your goals.
In fact, some say it is a manual for the human brain – yet it is relatively simple to learn.

A key element of NLP is in its approach to modelling excellence.

The tools learnt provide you with the skills needed to model the actions of those who are highly successful and thus allow you to replicate their success.

Whether you need advanced communication skills, speaking skills, mentoring skills or coaching, NLP can be of significant benefit.

I think it is useful to accept that mentoring is important to get the best out of your potential.
With the right guide success will be more readily achieved.

NLP and hypnotherapy make a dynamic combination.

Together and accompanied with the ability to generate the correct emotion for a given task they can improve your confidence, get dramatic results, inspire you, and lead to success.

Why settle for less?
Learning and using emotional intelligence can make a huge difference to your results.
These tools will increase your effectiveness when working with different types of people.

You can easily create an empowered environment for yourself, your community, and others, leading to improved performance and the achievement of your goals and objectives whether they are at the personal, relationship or corporate level.

What does NLP contain?

NLP contains specific language patterns that help you to cut through established behavioural and learning patterns.

NLP works to change, adopt, or eliminate certain behaviours that impede or obstruct what you desire. You will be able to secure your personal happiness and deliver professional success consistently and at the level you wish.

What sets NLP apart from other therapy techniques is the speed at which profound change can occur. The tools, once mastered can with lightning speed change a person’s life for the better.

Aside from providing ‘wow’ transformation moments, the real effectiveness of NLP lies in its simplicity and its use of natural concepts.

It uses the way we actually make sense of our environment. It uses the linguistic patterns (speech and self talk) as a key method to change the way we filter information.
This provides you with the skills to quickly alter your whole focus and leads to dramatic and generative change.

The skills reveal how you can choose your mental, emotional, and physical states of well being at any time. NLP, in fact, overhauls your communication skills both internally and externally.

This transforms your relationships and outcomes.
With NLP, you learn to grow from every life experience, thus increasing your capacity to choose and create a better quality life.

You can create a compelling future for your clients and yourself by understanding and eliminating negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

The techniques of NLP are simple yet powerful and help you to shift your conscious and unconscious focus from the negative and limiting to the mind-set to truly achieving your goals.
They can literally inspire you to take on any challenge.

Confidence, and particularly self-confidence are essential not only to get results but for your well-being. Confidence is generated through self-esteem, a robust self-concept, and NLP has the toolset to teach you “how” to achieve these desired attributes.

What does NLP Do?

  • NLP helps you find out what you want and how you can get it
  • NLP teaches you to communicate more successfully and create the right climate for success
  • NLP increases your sensitivity towards others
  • NLP opens doors to hidden resources, improves your ability to concentrate, your ability to learn and paves the way for new possibilities
  • NLP changes your behaviour positively so that you can handle negative experiences and eliminate phobias, stress, guilty feelings and depression

Sales people can vastly improve their “ know-how” and on-the-job skills by understanding how to develop trust through rapport – the real key to successful selling.

People will do things for people they trust that they won’t do for anyone else.

With NLP you will be able to use sensory acuity to elicit the buying and decision making strategies of your customers. You will be able to speak to a customer in the customer’s own language.

Handling objections will also be taken to a whole new level and long term relations will be enhanced dramatically. Sales training and coaching will become much easier.

Managers and Business Owners will benefit by improving their inter-personal skills to build better relationships and create really effective goals focused teams.
Excellent communication skills in the highly competitive world of business are a must.

Teachers, Educationalists, Coaches and Trainers will learn new exciting ways to create and develop an environment conducive to learning by becoming aware of and then utilising the different thinking styles of students.

Therapists and Doctors will understand improved ways to elicit information from clients and patients and will be able to provide a greater understanding of the solutions available.

Many clients want to learn about NLP for personal development.
Why? Because NLP shows you how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes in all areas of your life.

Professionals learning about NLP include:

medical doctors, coaches, mentors, speaking professionals, hypnotherapists, professional sports people, teachers, sports coaches, personal trainers, psychotherapists, managers, sales executives, web designers, local government officers, members of the armed forces, counsellors, lawyers, psychologists, sports massage therapists, business owners, consultants, marketers and communicators.

Real Tangible Results

From drowning in debt to debt free and kicking career goals in 18 months, to understanding and repairing previously unsalvageable relationships, tripling a sales based income in thirty days, falling in love, losing 15 kilos, to achieving absolute clarity and finding ones life purpose, NLP techniques have helped to produce resounding change in virtually every aspect of human experience.