Transformational Coaching Ideas

What are your hopes and dreams?

What is truly important to you?

Do you have all you believe you deserve?

What is possible for you?

Imagine a way of exploring these questions with someone to help you realise your best dreams and become the person you always wanted to be.

This is the benefit of coaching.

So, whether you require business coaching, life coaching, or mentoring, the key outcome is to give yourself the best shot to succeed.

You might be seeking a Personal Breakthrough or be looking to find Personal Empowerment; the important thing is to take action and Get Going!

It is useful to understand that mentoring and coaching are quite similar.

A person being coached normally focuses on a specific task or series of tasks whereas a mentor generally takes a much wider and longer-term perspective.

Success in business often requires the use of a coach or a mentor.

This applies to professionals in the bigger corporate sphere and to small business owners.

Results are needed and a planned approach makes a key difference.

How to Read Minds

Imagine the advantage of knowing you know what somebody is thinking! Just imagine how useful it would be in a business context. Well, perhaps it’s possible! The ability to read someone’s mind could transform your results in any number of areas. Obviously, if you did know what somebody was thinking it would put you in a far better position to specifically know what to do to really help a person to get what they want. And it would save you a lot of time – you could sidestep so many irrelevancies and get to the point…

How to Make Change Happen Every Time!

Ask a person how they feel about what is happening in their life and I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that once prompted they would confess there is at least one important area that could benefit from making one or more changes. Here’s why most people fail to get the change they want and how you can succeed. It goes without saying that seldom does a day go by without one’s mind thinking, part dreaming, part reflecting, about how much better everything would be if only…

Driving Change

What causes you to get out of bed in the morning? What makes you think, feel and behave in the way that you do? What are the driving forces that guide you in your life? And the big question: What simple yet powerful action could you take to radically improve your results? What is the one driver above all other drivers do you need in your life to get the kind of results you would be proud of – results that possibly you only dream about today? What do you need to master to make your ideas…

Reaching Your Own Potential

Obviously, there are key periods in your development when you learn rapidly. Like a big piece of blotting paper – you soak up everything around you. But the process does slow down. So, how can you speed it up again? Whether you are aware of it or not you are a learning machine. You cannot not learn! You can’t stop your brain creating and making new neural pathways. In fact, you are held captive. You are being controlled by your awesome brain! You have little choice, it will continue this way…

How to Decide – Limit Your Choice!

Right now you only have two choices. You can continue to watch or decide to give it a miss. You’ve got better things to do, right? So, choice is good, isn’t it? Ask a person whether they would like to have more choices or less choices in virtually anything and they will invariably tell you they would much prefer having an unlimited number of choices. This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We all want to know what options are available before making a decision, don’t we? Or do we?

Superior Communication

How can you make sure your core message, the essence, the pure essence of what you need to communicate, hits the target? When you want the central theme of your message to be heard, to be paid attention to, how can you give yourself a much better chance of succeeding? Here’s a way. One of the biggest problems in getting your idea across is to avoid being predictable. If someone thinks they have heard “all of this” before your message is doomed. It will fall on deaf ears. As soon as a person… 

How to Overcome Setbacks & Obstacles

At the best of times few people cope well with being criticized, of being rejected. At the worst of times these feelings can be like a hammer blow to your self-esteem. Of course, being criticized hurts, it stings, because it makes you doubt your own ability. However, feeling rejected and being criticized is simply part of the process, an integral part of the process, to becoming highly competent in any activity you choose in life. Prior to a situation that you feel may be too demanding and somewhat…

How to Get a “YES” Every Time

How can you convince a person to say “yes” when their natural instinct is to say “no”? This leads to a simple question, why is it normal for someone to refuse what you would like them to consider? Why do they say “no” so quickly? So often a glance at the body language and facial expression reveals yet another negative dimension to the “no thanks” mindset already well in motion before you have the opportunity to explain anything. So, why is the instant reaction so intent on denying you any chance of selling what you have to offer?