Time Line Therapy

Most people carry emotional baggage from the past that for any number of reasons they do not let go.

These memories have the unfortunate tendency of sabotaging their future.

Well, Time Line techniques are perhaps one of the greatest therapies on the planet today.


Because its use allows you to take the learnings from these memories and let go of the emotions.

You are then at liberty to create the future you want for yourself.

Time Line techniques work extremely well with NLP and Hypnotherapy.

They are complementary and together can produce phenomenal change.

They can be applied in all kinds of situations to improve dramatically a person’s ability to let go of blockages and to provide them with the ability to really prosper.

It is difficult to perform brilliantly when self-doubts are constantly being raised.

For additional background information on some of the benefits you can receive and discover exactly What Is Time Line Therapy? click here.

The little voice in your head does not let go.

Once free of the burdens of the past your life will be transformed.

No more inner conflict, instead live life with certainty and confidence.

The result?


Why not replace something that is holding you back with a more favourable memory?

Why not get rid of a negative emotion?

Why put up with issues arising from internal conflict?

Why go through life accepting limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough?

Or “I can’t make enough money?

Or “I’m hopeless at relationships?”

Time Line techniques can be therapeutic dynamite!

All of us have inside ourselves a method of coding the past, the present and the future.

We intuitively know where our past is stored spatially in our unconscious mind.

All of our memories are stored there – all of them.

Often we can experience more than a little difficulty in retrieving a memory, and not just because we use our conscious minds to access our memory banks.

When a significant emotional event occurs in our lives, and we do not deal with it satisfactorily, we can experience a negative emotion.

When another event happens that arouses the same emotional response our unconscious minds begins the process of developing a “gestalt”.

So, our memories are stored and arranged in a gestalt around a certain subject.

This in itself can cause a problem when we attempt to retrieve a memory.

The gestalt will tend to access a gathering of these similar memories and it often complicates the accessing of a specific memory.

Now if you stop and consider how you organize time, you will realise that your memories of the past are all stored in your unconscious mind.

Note also that you can intuitively point to the direction of your past.

It will be in a certain relationship to your body.

Now some people believe the direction of their past is behind them and their future lies ahead of them.

So, when asked how they store time they will point behind themselves for the past and point in front of themselves for their future.

This storage of time is called “in-time”.

Perhaps other people will point to their left for their past and to their right for the direction of their future.

This is called “through time”.

Interestingly, there are many other possible ways of organizing time, and no matter which way a person does this, it is perfect for them.

Once it is known how a person organizes their memories it is straightforward to use temporal language to gain access to a significant emotional events.

Using the incredible techniques of Time Line Therapy there is absolutely no need to hold on to the emotional baggage of the past.

You will have at your disposal a means of cleansing your memories, gathering the learnings from those significant emotional events, and facing the future with complete confidence.

Again, for additional background information on some of the benefits you can receive
and exactly What Is Time Line Therapy? click here.