How to Influence & Persuade

Frankly, if you don’t have excellent communication skills, you may be losing out in many important areas of your life.

This could periodically include your wealth, career, relationships, and social life.

Those who purposely use the power and psychology of influence and persuasion will always have a dominant edge over those who don’t.

Confidence and success swiftly follow.

If you master the art of persuasion, everything that involves interacting or dealing with people becomes much easier.


This is so important for people in sales and training.

So, what stops you from becoming the top salesperson or employee, having charisma, and being in a wonderful relationship?

Whether it’s earning more money, excelling in your career or business, building happy relationships with anyone, or influencing others to accept your ideas, becoming skilled in the psychology of persuasion and influence is critical to your success and sense of confidence.

By combining the power, precision and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), conversational hypnosis, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, body language expertise, face reading recognition, and advanced communication skills, you can easily become brilliant at influencing anybody at any time.

Just by recognising the face shape of a person will provide you with specific information about their likely personality. You can then use this knowledge to adapt your conversation.

All of the facts about what this characteristic reveals is fully covered in FABLE.

Here, for your interest, let’s take a brief look at how you can identify the face shape of most individuals, and this alone will provide you with invaluable insights about someone’s personality in a matter of seconds.

You are then at liberty to adapt and change your approach to win their approval because they believe you understand them in ways others simply don’t.

As mentioned, one of the keys to success is adaptability.

A master of influence can redirect a person’s attention and change their perceptions.

My book, Skyrocket Your Persuasion, contains nineteen lessons that will finely-hone your skills.

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The communication skills you will learn including how to use hypnotherapy, the patterns of NLP, body language expertise and strategic coaching can give you the edge in today’s highly competitive business world.

Business coaching and mentoring is a must.

The video below gives you an idea of the topics covered, the scope of the book, and its awesome tools.

With these skills you will be able to inspire yourself to reach your full potential.

With the right coaching you will learn several crucial skills.

In short, you will:

Learn how to tap into the way human belief systems work to dramatically increase your power to influence

Learn how to find a person’s “buy this” buttons to guide them into a buy this now emotional state
Learn how to influence hypnotically and how to eliminate objections before they arise
Learn how to adapt your most powerful tool – your voice. Once the power of vocal flexibility is combined with linguistic wizardry you will become unstoppable
Learn how to speak smoothly, persuasively and effectively to get people to keep listening and continue agreeing
Learn creative, refreshing and strikingly different ways to achieve any outcome irrespective of the circumstances
Learn how to shift frameworks, wear different hats, and come up with any number of ingenious solutions to all kinds challenging situations

We get results through the way we communicate, the skills we have.

NLP, Hypnosis and Body Language expertise are a must in any sales and relationship role.

Face Reading skills can also be useful to provide a quick insight into a person’s likely personality and the way they will respond to you.

Why not begin to enhance your skills today?

Think about this.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really needed to influence or persuade someone to do something that was very important, but you simply didn’t have the language skills to make it happen at the time?

Have you ever been in a position where there was an opportunity to say precisely the right thing to someone in a face-to-face moment, but the right words just weren’t there? You know, sometimes in life you only have one chance


Have you walked away from an experience regretting that you didn’t think to say the one thing that would have caught the moment absolutely perfectly?
Perhaps it was in a heated discussion, or in an argument, or possibly it would have been the ideal riposte in a business or amusing social setting. “Why didn’t I think to say…”

Have you ever consented to something and then later found yourself amazed and shocked that you had agreed to do it?
“How on earth did I fall for that?”


Essentially, what took place?

You have been the victim of hypnotic communication.

You have either not had the linguistic dexterity required, or somebody else has used those skills on you.

Now get ready for the big question:

Will you succeed next time?

Maybe, maybe not, but there is one certainty:

The difference that makes the difference is having the power of influence and persuasion at your fingertips, available and ready for use in any context – it’s never a triumph for smoke and mirrors.

So, with your permission, we are about to redress the imbalance.

If you want to fast-track your progress towards becoming a master of persuasion, the patterns of persuasion and influence is the optimum place to start.

You will know intuitively what to say, be able to adapt your conversation, and end up attracting more people into your life. 

Next step? Become an expert!

The complexities of selling yourself and selling to others while challenging are driven by absorbing specific knowledge.

Of course, you already know how to communicate, but perhaps this is the time for a rebuilding exercise so you can become even more successful.

In truth, you can choose to live a vibrant, fun abundant life by addressing what you tell yourself.

Changing your own vocabulary will transform your life.

Your inner world determines your external experiences.

The words you use can alter other people’s lives.

Do you want to be warmly embraced by people only too willing to co-operate with you?

If you want to know how to influence people whether for sales and training, confidence, public speaking, coaching, or just to learn persuasion techniques, Know Your Mind can help you.

We all want results and having the knowledge of how to influence others is the key.

This is, of course, what mentoring and coaching is all about.

No more detours – start the journey and give yourself permission to live an extraordinary life!

To gain the upper hand, why not purchase a copy of Skyrocket Your Persuasion and benefit from the nineteen lessons immediately.

Better still, perhaps decide to contact Mike Lally at Know Your Mind for a customised training or workshop today!

To sum up: A successful outcome in many situations is likely to depend on your relationship and communication skills.

Superior communication is the difference that makes the difference.

Extraordinary skill in this area will skyrocket your influence, your results, your career, and your relationships.

So, it pays to do it well.

The quality of how you communicate will directly impact your results whether you are selling your services, products, ideas or competing for business.

The aim here is to dramatically increase your personal and professional performance by using creative, incisive, inductive, deductive, and hypnotic language that influences and persuades.

And to be able to do this easily and effortlessly.

What will happen?

You will close more sales
You will make more money
You will strengthen relationships with clients, colleagues, superiors, and importantly, with your loved ones
You will get an enormous boost in confidence
You will benefit immensely both professionally and personally

So, you will learn and have the know-how to work the crowd in a completely distinctive and unbeatable way.