Selling with Rapport

Think of it! If there’s anything that you want, or if there’s anything you need, then you will probably need someone’s help to get it.

This is true whether you’re a sales person, a teacher, or a carpenter.

No matter what you do, the ability to develop and maintain rapport with large numbers of people of varying backgrounds will provide you with a better opportunity to get what you want.

Having rapport with someone will allow you to influence and persuade them much more elegantly, and this is the stepping-stone to getting the kind of results that make a difference.

So, it can be said that rapport is arguably the most important skill on the planet.

What is rapport?

In one word – trust!

The sales company that doesn’t understand this will never get the outcomes it wants.

The sales person that doesn’t understand this will never get the results they seek.

To communicate effectively means trust must be developed between the buyer and seller.

Sales people that get this always prosper.

What is trust?

The basis of rapport is that when people are like each other, they like each other.

When you like someone, you are willing to assist them in getting whatever they want.

Whether your focus is on sales training, sales coaching, sales techniques, sales reporting, or communication skills, the most essential part of your sales business plan should be to seek and improve your ability to get into rapport quickly and effortlessly.

Sales people face a number of challenges and may need to sharpen their skills in the following critical areas: consultative and relationship selling, prospecting for new business, handling sales enquiries, sales presentation skills, closing the sale know-how, handling objections, selling to different psychological types, negotiating skills, time management skills, goal setting skills and personal motivation skills.

However, perhaps the one over-riding skill that needs to be mastered is the ability to persuade and influence people.

Get this right and everything else falls into place.

Surprisingly, 38% of all communication is through your tone of voice, and 55% is through your body language.

This means that most communication is outside of our conscious awareness.

A tremendous opportunity exists to develop unconscious communication with your customer outside of their normal awareness.

Relationships start with building rapport to gain trust.

Sales is about building and developing relationships.

Trust is the real sales boiler room and starting point of any sales engagement.
Trust involves vocal pacing, content pacing and relationship pacing.
This is where trust is established.
This is important for all sales training.

What is selling after all?
It is making money through communication!

We use leading edge technologies such as NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Hypnotherapy, Body Language, Time Line Therapy and Belief Change Solutions so you can discover more about your prospective customers in five minutes than you previously could in weeks.

These are incredibly powerful tools to have available.
Success and confidence flow from knowing you have real knowledge in these areas.
Together they can absolutely fuel your career and lead to extraordinary Sales and Training results.

It pays to communicate really well.

We coach you on how to build rapport, earn trust, communicate brilliantly, and get clarity on what is wanted.

You will know how to understand what the customer values together with their criteria, and how to be incredibly flexible.

Successful salespeople are able to take a customer’s perspective and match the benefits of their product to the customer’s needs.

Communication built on the foundation of rapport through earning trust is the secret, and this can be learned.

People want products and services that will help them run a business or enjoy life more, they want the “feel good” factor.

You will learn:

  • You will learn to predict how your customers will buy
  • You will learn how to let your customers sell to themselves
  • You will learn that people have different styles of thinking and how these styles affect their decisions to buy
  • You will learn what your customers really mean when they talk with you
  • You will learn how you can use this information to communicate with them much more effectively
  • You will learn how to gain your customer’s trust by presenting your products and services using the customer’s own thinking style
  • You will be able to guide your customers to make the right decisions
  • You will become a detective of human behaviour
  • You will learn how to sell you

With our training you will be able to take your sales career and your business to a whole new level and dramatically improve your personal sales productivity in less than 30 days.

By using our “Advanced Selling Skills for the 21st Century” YOU CAN JUST DO IT!

You will learn the key techniques for Sales Success:

  • How to sell like a professional
  • The “smooth transition” steps that you need to take from the opening to the closing of the sale
  • How to use the “High Probability” prospecting model to win more business, in less time, and with less stress
  • How to structure a “cold” prospect call to maximize results
  • How to learn advanced observation skills
  • How to “read” your client so you see their conscious and unconscious signals
  • How to establish rapport with anyone you choose
  • How to sell with rapport and leave your customer smiling
  • How to get into your customer’s mind
  • How to match how your customer thinks
  • How to win bigger contracts
  • How to turn proposals into firm contracts
  • How to change your own thinking
  • How do you identify a person’s or a business’s problem areas
  • How to conduct an accurate corporate needs analysis (sales diagnostic)
  • How to identify your own Unique Selling Points
  • How to discover your customers’ Unique Buying Points
  • How to select the right customers
  • How you and your customers can increase your sales and profits
  • How to understand the metaphysics of attracting money