Here we go!

Thanks for attempting this latest challenge.

As you know, we put together a challenge for our readers from time to time.

The objective is to help people to better absorb the information contained on the site.

This information is generally based on the acronym elements of F.A.B.L.E.

By now you probably already know, or are likely to understand rather quickly, that F.A.B.L.E. refers to Face Reading insights, how to become an Authority Figure, Body Language cues and clues, Language communication skills, and Emotional Intelligence appreciation.

Together these skills, I believe, will vastly improve your communication effectiveness, which is the gateway to not only superior influence, but will provide you with the ability to persuade anybody at anytime to your point of view irrespective of the context.

Hence your results are guaranteed to improve, often spectacularly.

Remember, you are always selling something whether it is a produce or a service or just an opinion. One way or another we are all in sales.

Have a go and see how you fare.

Simply add your contact details and I will send you the results and provide you with additional, useful and practical information you can use to develop your expertise even further.

Now this particular challenge is based solely on Face Reading, the “F” in F.A.B.L.E..

I would ask you to take a photo of your own face prior to reading the questions.

Then you will be able to see if any of the subjects posed, and the characteristics described, manage to capture something personal and interesting about you!

You never know!

Even if just one question can be applied to you, it could well whet your appetite to learn considerably more.

The ability to read a face accurately will provide you with a level of expertise that will amaze the people you speak with and directly points to your ingenuity.

You will appear to know a person better than they know themselves!

And it can be achieved in a matter of seconds.

The next quiz is likely to focus on how to become the Authority figure.

In other words, how to be seen as the expert, the “goto” person for information, help and advice.

Why not make it you? 


Where on the face would you find a “burnout” line?

a) On the mouth

b) On the cheeks

c) On the chin

d) On the forehead

e) On the nose


On what part of the face would you find the philtrum?

a) Under the eyes

b) Under the nose

c) Under the chin


What does a lower eyelid curve reveal?

a) Openness to strangers

b) Generally a reserved nature

c) Indifference to others


What does the size of the nostrils tell you?

a) How you spend money

b) How you prioritise your tasks

c) How you communicate


What do straight lower eyelids indicate?

a) These people tend to be outgoing

b) These people are slow to open up to others

c) These people are generally judgmental


What do eyes set closer together point out?

a) A person is kind-hearted

b) A person is detail-oriented

c) A person is a trend-setter

d) A person tends to create drama


If a person’s ears are set high, what does it imply?

a) Quick decision maker

b) Impatience

c) A tendency to overlook all the facts


What does a square forehead reveal?

a) A person is good at relationships

b) A person is reliable and well-organised

c) A person likes to get away often


What does two vertical lines above the nose usually mean?

a) Good concentration

b) Likes to work independently

c) Prefers to work in a team


What does a high forehead suggest?

a) A street-smart individual

b) A clear thinker

c) Does not like to make plans