Presentation Skills

Why attend our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop?

After attending this one-day, all-inclusive communication skills workshop you will be able to deliver the most effective and inspirational presentations and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Perhaps you wish to be a keynote speaker, or would just like to accelerate your speaking skills for industry specific roles such as in sales and training.

The material covered will equip you brilliantly for public speaking, and will leave you well-positioned to become a well-paid motivational speaker.

For those people who make regular presentations in their job, this training will provide extremely useful insights and aid your persuasive and influential abilities.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn the secrets of the best presenters.

You will discover how to captivate your audience, maintain their interest throughout and instantly change their state.

The words you use and your body language will be in lockstep and you will always display strong control over your emotions.

What Else Will You Learn?

You will understand how to accommodate individual learning styles.

You will learn how to use body language and gestures to add impact to your communication.

You will discover how to put energy into your presentation and into your audience!

You will learn how to handle hecklers (though you won’t have any!)

You will learn how to use advanced NLP language patterns to get your message across clearly.

You will learn how to make suggestions directly to the unconscious mind.

You will eliminate any limiting beliefs you may have about your ability to present.

You will develop the ability to communicate using metaphors to get your message across and have fun doing it too!

Your emotions will be under control and you will be able to use emotions creatively.

Imagine This!

Imagine how you will feel before and during your next presentation!

You will have at your disposal the skills and secrets of some of the very best presenters.

You will have the distinct advantage of knowing how to captivate your audience and how to use unconscious communication to enhance your presentation.

This skill will strengthen your message and create a lasting impression.

Our training workshops are tailored to your individual requirements and are available in-house or at your premises.

Other Benefits Include:

Learn how to tap into the way human belief systems work to dramatically increase your power to influence.

Learn how to find a person’s buy this buttons to guide them into a buy this now state.

Learn how to influence hypnotically and how to eliminate objections before they arise.

Learn how to adapt your most powerful tool – your voice.

Once the power of vocal flexibility is combined with linguistic wizardry you will become unstoppable.

Learn how to speak smoothly to get people to keep listening and continue agreeing.

Learn creative, refreshing and strikingly different ways to achieve any outcome.

Learn how to shift frameworks, wear different hats, and come up with any number of ingenious solutions to all kinds of presentation challenges.