STOP and Think! It May Change Your Life!

Stop and think for a moment. Consider the following question: What have you changed your mind about recently? In fact, how often are you prepared to change your mind? Is being right of sole importance to you? I think there is such a thing as a psychology of success, and it requires a bit of soul-searching. I would like you to delve a little bit deeper and ask yourself…


How to Process Advice and Avoid Disagreement

One of the things to be wary of when seeking advice in conversation is the quality of the response generally received. Additionally, we are all too aware that at times disagreement is experienced during conversation. Much heat is generated, energy is wasted, and the wires come down though basically it’s nobody’s fault. There is a tendency to respond to any advice…


How to Fulfil Your Desires and Get What You Want

First a tricky question: “What do you want?” Or more precisely: “What do you want to create?” Spending time to fully consider this simple but at times extraordinarily complex question can result in a huge payoff. Of course, the answer depends upon the context and the seriousness of what is being considered. It should not be surprising to learn that many people can speedily tell you…


Some Simple and Easy Steps You Can Take to Get What You Want

What practical approach can be used to persuade people to agree and accept what you want them to think and do? And can these suggestions be used to turn an opponent into an ally? Let’s face it, we all want things done by others in a way that suits us. Unfortunately, at times people can be rather difficult, some even impossible! It is common for many of us to believe we are right about…


Is Fear Holding You Back? Why Not Take One Step at a Time!

In NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and change work circles, the Swish Pattern is an intervention that is generally used to alter a minor state or behaviour. For example, a person may want to quit smoking or stop biting their nails (behaviours) or feel happier or motivated (states). The person who wants the change is asked to make an associated picture at the point where the trigger…