Relationships Start With Building Rapport To Gain Trust

Think of it! If there’s anything that you want, or if there’s anything you need, then you will probably need someone’s help to get it. This is true whether you’re a sales person, a teacher, or a carpenter. No matter what you do, the ability to develop and maintain rapport with large numbers of people of varying backgrounds will provide you with a better opportunity to get what you want….


Empowerment Through Change

What is really meant by empowerment? Is it just the same as personal power? Or is it merely a mindset you adopt from time to time as an integral part of some form of personal development process? How can empowerment be recognised? Is there a means by which it can be measured? In truth, it seems to a little tricky attempting to define it. Well, we know that progress is made and…


Take These Steps to Improve Your Performance

Beginning the day feeling tired and stressed makes it too challenging to set a positive frame for a successful day. It can take some time to shake off a negative feeling and before you know it the day can be almost over. Days like these are usually unproductive. Just getting through the day in this kind of mood can be a small feat in itself…


Expand Your Confidence to Influence and Succeed

Stop for a moment and reflect on your communication skills. If you had to put some kind of a measure on it, how well would you score? Above average, perhaps? Now consider your body language. What is it telling other people? And importantly, what is it telling you? As an experiment, periodically take stock of what you are showing with your body language, gestures and so on when you are…


Why You Should Lower Your Stress Levels

Got any bad habits? We all know that habits are simply what we do when we don’t want to bother thinking too much. So we do them automatically. Life without habits would be hard to contemplate, wouldn’t it? Habits provide peace of mind so they are extremely useful. Sometimes we prefer to put our thoughts on hold and let life just happen…