Reading Body Language Accurately - Interpretating the Elusive Obvious

Consider this: we all read body language reasonably well. It is hard-wired and consistent with the evolution of the human species. It is nothing short of a survival mechanism. How accurate the information interpreted will depend upon the individual concerned, but it is fair to say we have an in-built, almost instinctual ability to read, review, analyze and then make decisions…


Now Please Take a Deep Breath, Stand Erect, Stiffen Your Upper Lip and Face This Shocking News!

All too often we are unaware that our emotions are engaged before we carry out any activity. Of course, for most mundane matters it matters little how we feel. We just get on with it. Most of life is basically routine and we religiously follow what worked for us in the past. However, when we are faced with something of real concern we immediately receive a “hit” and a jolt from…


How To Use Your Most Powerful Weapon

We live in an age where uncertainty seems to know no bounds. Life has become unpredictable. We face seemingly endless and complex decisions. Serious implications can result if we or others acting on our behalf make mistakes. Unfortunately being human, carelessness and defective judgment rarely strays off the radar. We face issues and challenges as diverse as financial…


Why You Should Lower Your Stress Levels

Virtually all major events in our lives trigger some form of stress. Clearly, for certain situations it is vital to have sufficient coping mechanisms to deal with the stress caused by adverse events. In today’s busy world these experiences are all too commonplace. Stress emanating from career, health, relationships and money issues immediately spring to mind…


The Story Of Your Life

For a bit of fun just imagine you are sitting down feeling a bit bored having sat through an evening of tedious TV. Suddenly you have a bit of a brainwave. You think why not write a story about your own life with the rather grand notion of making it into a TV movie? “Surely it couldn’t be any worse than the rubbish I’ve just watched”, you might think…