The Four Principles to Master for the Development of a Mentally Agile Mind
To be fit and healthy, as you know, it’s vital to exercise your body. The same is true of your brain, your mind. In fact, your brain can always respond positively to change. Altering your environment, your behaviour, your skills, and your beliefs will you help to rejuvenate your brain and your results. Now, why start with your environment? Well, if you lived in only one…

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The Power of Association
When people feel overwhelmed with the scale of a problem they will rarely act. This is particularly true when a problem is seen through statistical eyes – some kind of thinking in numbers. The desire to act can fade quickly. Let’s discuss how to inspire people to believe they can get what they want.
Once a person starts to think about something that involves a process with several steps…

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How To Wake Up With a Rich Sense of Energy and Vitality
Tomorrow morning when you wake up, would you like to rise with a sense of energy and vitality? Would you like to combine a feeling of relaxation with a sharp sense of alertness as you make contact with the world? Such a combination of vitality and inner peace can transform your day. Here’s some simple facts: Your results are based on how you behave…

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How Order Can Emerge Out of Something Totally Random
Have you ever felt like putting your hands over your ears and screaming? Like a piece of slippery soap some solutions are hard to nail down. How can you make order emerge from chaos? In the previous video in this series I mentioned that the theory of probability states that it is possible to predict with almost remarkable precision that the overall result of a large number of separate…

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You Can't Stop Your Brain From Creating and Making New Neural Pathways
Obviously, there are key periods in your development when you learn rapidly. Like a big piece of blotting paper – you soak up everything around you. But the process does slow down. So, how can you speed it up again? Whether you are aware of it or not you are a learning machine. You cannot not learn! You can’t stop your brain creating and making new neural pathways…

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