If You Want Results Learn How to Control Your Behaviour - Begin With Two Simple Questions

One of the keys to getting what you want is to alter your thinking, state and physiology. Your state is how you feel – your emotional state, and your physiology is how you are holding your body. Of course, what you think affects the way you feel. This in turn will influence your body language. Why should this matter? Have you ever wondered what other people think when they observe…


The Meaning That Lies Behind Your Meaning

Whether we are aware of it or not, we constantly look for meaning in everything we do. We want to do things that are familiar and the brain conveniently and seemingly independently “fires” neurons of certainty to keep us feeling comfortable and happy. It is easy to become predictable and stuck and feel powerless to change. If we reflect on the meaning we give to the many things we are…


How to Appear Head and Shoulders Above the Crowd in a Way That is Magnetic

Without knowing precisely what is happening, people unconsciously pick up that something is not quite right when they observe another person mentally processing a sizeable difficulty. A simple sign such as the head tilted down can give a negative impression. Interestingly, people when burdened frequently sit with their heads bowed and unfortunately still demonstrate this characteristic…


Begin to Really Know Your Mind and Then Tell Your Stories!

The language of the subconscious mind is metaphor. Generally people prefer a good story far more than having to process a bucketful of facts. We first listened to stories as a child. They can easily relax us and a story can be memorable and transformative. What metaphors do you perhaps unknowingly use? Taking the time to understand your own metaphors for your life can pay huge dividends…


Look At Your Nose! What Is It Telling You?

When it comes to face reading, everything follows the nose. Yes, it literally stands out. It’s the nose that leads the way! Its size, strength and proportion compared with the rest of the face indicates how a person projects their personality. Six different shapes are relatively easy to recognise: Turned Up, Hawk, Greek, Roman, Nubian, and Snub. I’ll take a look at some…