How to Overcome Buyer Resistance

We accept a buyer needs to actually CARE about what it is you are selling. Facts and figures make little difference. They must engage with you emotionally. So, how can we do this quickly and easily? We want to know how do you get a person to decide in your favour. Now we know the old brain plays a significant role in making key decisions. And we know the old brain is….


Negotiation Skills Give You The Edge

Successful negotiation skills and mediation outcomes are context specific. Often significant emotion is involved, so a clear head free of emotions is essential. Unsurprisingly, flexibility is a key and knowing your bottom line outcome is equally essential. It is critical to understand how the brain processes and absorbs information. How the brain takes in, adapts, and importantly…


Is Fear Holding You Back? Why Not Take One Step at a Time!

All journeys have a similar purpose – to get from one place to another place. Often we can arrive at the destination without giving it a second thought, it just seems to happen. Sometimes the place where we would like to be seems impossible to reach – our internal map cannot determine how to get there. In these times we seem to be stuck in the same old place, inexplicably unable to move…


Empower Yourself Through Personal Development

So, how do you change your life? How do you get better results? Success in any area of your life largely depends upon how well you communicate. Your communication skills will mark the difference between average success and overwhelming success. One thing is perfectly clear: How well you communicate internally – how you talk to yourself, is more than important than all…


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