Face Reading - The Nostrils

Here I specifically want to take a closer look at the nostrils. Now I know staring at someone’s nostrils doesn’t sound like the most blissful way to spend the day, but it can be worthwhile because they do show some interesting, valuable characteristics. So take a deep breath, be brave, and start your observations…


How to Influence, Persuade and Sell!

Frankly, if you don’t have excellent communication skills, you may be losing out in many important areas of your life. This could periodically include your wealth, career, relationships, and social life. Those who purposely use the power and psychology of influence and persuasion will always have a dominant edge over those who don’t. Confidence and success swiftly follow…


How to Gain Attention

Today, gaining your share of attention in any business or communication situation has become the objective, the name of the game. Why? The sheer number of many communication platforms to lock in the relatively short attention span of so many people today. It has become more difficult, much harder and harder, to get your share of attention. Now, most sales…


Super Smart Techniques For Creativity

Learning something new can be a frustrating challenge. Why not decide to make it far easier? Read on to discover the BIG SECRETS so you can learn anything you choose quickly and easily. You might be suprised just how creative and capable you really are! This could well be the perfect time to find out how simple and straightforward techniques can enhance your…


How to Influence People Who Are Negative

Why is it far easier for many people in positions of authority to say “no” rather than “yes” when you make a simple request for something reasonable? It is a safer position to take and by taking a negative stand and steadfastly refusing something avoids any subsequent complication if a decision backfires, particularly if the decision may compromise a set of rules…


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