Emotional Intelligence

Many people have fantastic logical powers; they are extremely rational and make sound decisions. Or do they? If you are not in tune with your emotional nature, there is a likelihood that certain issues may prevent you from fully enjoying the kind of success you can have. Emotional Intelligence – or EQ, is a kind of spiritual self-knowledge. Having a deeper insight into this intelligence can help…



Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a brilliant form of natural therapy that assists a person to achieve their goals. In essence, it relates to the conditions of a person’s state of mind, and can even be used to relieve pain. How? When a person enters, or believes they have entered, a state of trance, they become is more receptive to suggestion and other therapy. The hypnotherapist helps the person to…


Timeline Therapy

How do we internally represent time? How do we code the concept of time in our minds and bodies? How do other people represent time? Does everybody use similar patterns, or different patterns, for coding time? Can we code the past, present and future in ways that do us harm? Can we change this coding so they will serve us in a much better way? Can we change this coding so they will serve…


Sales Diagnosis

Measurement is the agent of change. Improvement will be difficult to make if the key facts are unknown. The sales industry is no different in this regard. Empirical measures provide the necessary evidence to prosecute real change. Once the outcomes are accurately quantified it becomes simpler to measure the behaviours required to produce more predictable change. Planned action is the…


Wealth Trading Workshops

The over-riding philosophy behind many of the workshops is the belief that a disciplined approach to limiting losses is vital before you can start to strike it rich. It is important to realise this. Clearly explained strategies will help attendees make consistently sound decisions to give them the very best chance of reaping rewards. The objective is to produce a plan which will make winning…