Fear is perfectly normal. Anxious feelings can prevent a person from taking an unreasonable risk. However, many people become afraid of situations that are not of themselves particularly dangerous. Anxiety occurs when the perceived difficulty of a situation appears to be much greater than a person’s perceived resources. Yet, virtually all anxiety disorders can be overcome…


Presentation Skills

For those people who make regular presentations in their job, a presentation skills training will provide extremely useful insights and aid your persuasive and influential abilities. What can you learn? For a start you can learn the secrets of the best presenters. You can discover how to captivate any audience, maintain their interest throughout and instantly change their state…


How to Influence

A successful outcome in many situations is likely to depend on your relationship and communication skills. Superior communication is the difference that makes the difference. Extraordinary skill in this area will skyrocket your influence, your results, your career, and your relationships. So, it pays to do it well. The quality of how you communicate will directly impact your results whether you…


Timeline Therapy

Most people carry emotional baggage from the past that for any number of reasons they do not let go. These memories have the unfortunate tendency of sabotaging their future. Well, Time Line techniques are perhaps one of the greatest therapies on the planet today. Why? Because its use allows you to take the learnings from these memories and let go of the emotions…


What is NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a series of practical tools – perhaps the best tools on the planet today – to allow you to develop the skills to produce really effective and powerful communication and for you to do it effortlessly. NLP has the toolkit to revolutionise the way you learn, communicate and interact with others. It is extremely useful for setting and achieving…