How to Change Beliefs

Would you like to improve the results you are getting in well, ANY area of your life? If yes, this is the perfect time to look at your beliefs. There is a direct correlation between your results and your beliefs. Beliefs that limit you play a significant role in the habits you learn. They strengthen the rules that govern all of your actions. So many problems are exacerbated by the beliefs we hold…


Life Coach

Is there room at the top? There’s always room at the top! It may be time to elbow your way in. No matter what you do, how would it feel to be at the very top of your game? Now I don’t know what you do, but would bet that you probably could improve at east one aspect of your performance in a key area of your life. This, of course, would be particularly true in a career sense, but is not…


Personal Issues and Therapy

Fears and phobias limit your ability to get the most out of your life. In certain cases the fear can prevent you from living even a relatively normal life. In almost all cases the “fear” can be overcome – not necessarily with treatment, but through learning how to manage your own thoughts and feelings. We focus on providing generative change rather that just a remedial solution. We focus…



Depression is a serious mental illness. It is vital for a person suffering from this condition, or feel that they may be suffering in this way, to go and see a doctor. Professional help is always available. Don’t wait – act. It is important to realise that a range of physical health conditions with symptoms similar to those of some mental health conditions do exist. This may make a condition difficult…


Sales Training Made Simple

What is Success in Sales? Is it outperforming your own expectations? Of course, the better your sales performance, the more you’ll sell. And the more you sell, the more success and happiness you’ll undoubtedly experience. Happily, once you exceed your own expectations, business and life becomes a whole lot more fun, more enjoyable. Two things: You can relatively easily master…