I Beg Your Pardon! Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Why not begin to become familiar with a form of language based on hypnosis; let’s call it conversational hypnosis. This will allow you to influence people and persuade them to agree with what you may wish to offer. By adding a number of presuppositions to your language, you can really ramp up your skills of persuasion. Instead of clearly stating something, introduce an element…


How to Influence A Person Through Reciprocation

It seems it is important to take the trouble to repay others for what they have done for us. The gratitude may or may not be heartfelt, but it is a psychological burden to ignore the need to reciprocate. This principle exerts enormous influence on people and is often ruthlessly exploited by marketers. Reciprocation can lead to unequal exchanges to get rid of the uncomfortable…


Watch Out Now! Take Care! Beware! Change Is On Its Way!

In life, we all seek to be rational, balanced, well-argued, and like to think we act based on sensible evidence, and what is important in a given context. Before we act, we look at things from the broadest sense. We look at the factors involved, establish cause-effect probabilities, make comparisons and contrasts, point out problems and suggest solutions, and are aware of…


Can The Power Of The Mind Be Used To Stop Pain?

Switching off the conscious left-side of the brain, and switching on the creative right-side of the brain allows greater access to the subconscious. This is where the action really happens. Getting more in touch with the rhythm of life and away from cognitive or cortical processing could be a useful starting point to getting what you want and controlling pain…


Are You Sure You Really Know What Is Being Said?

Determining exactly what the body language of a person is revealing requires an awareness of the characteristics the person being observed normally exhibits. This is often referred to in body language circles as a “general cluster” and is idiosyncratic of the person specifically being judged.
It is unfortunately relatively simple to overlook these core attributes when assessing…