Personal Health Issues

Given how busy we find ourselves in our daily lives, sometimes we fail to take the right action to overcome a problem. The problem could be comparatively small or it could be something that overtime will cause serious health issues. It is absolutely essential to take the appropriate action and get the necessary help. Debilitating personal issues should never be left unchecked…


Quit Smoking

Some honest people will tell you in a slightly jocular way: “I give up smoking every day!” Many people over an extended period attempt to finally quit smoking, but often revert back to the habit when circumstances cause their resolve to weaken. In tough times will power just doesn’t cut it.
It’s interesting to note that a person has a separate state of mind for when they…


Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight permanently without the struggle? Would you like to feel really happy with your body? Are you unable to lose that last 10 pounds? Would you like to stop late night snacking? Do you find it difficult to say “no” to second helpings? Do weight loss programs seem attractive to you? Does fast weight loss seem all too appealing? It’s time to take action…


Relationship Rescue

Are you currently unhappy with a relationship? Are you searching in vain for the right partner? Have you experienced periods of feeling unloved? Do you feel unappreciated? Do you feel lonely, trapped, or isolated? Do you believe your partner does not understand you? Are your relationships with work colleagues as good as they could be? Are you at the stage when counselling would…


Overcome Limiting Beliefs

What do you believe is the preferred emotional state for personal productivity? I think most of us would agree that optimism would be a better bet than pessimism, particularly when you want to produce results. And we all want to produce results, don’t we? Limiting beliefs and lack of confidence can restrict your ability to succeed. What you believe affects your confidence and it is highly likely…