Body Language

Believe it or not, non-verbal information. your body language, approximates to about 55% of communication. So, the art and science of reading body language is vital to ensure your message is reaching its target in the most advantageous way. Today it is possible, with the right training, to detect someone’s thoughts, emotions, mood and subsequent behaviour. It’s better to…


Face Reading

In this short series I will look at how you can read and use the features staring right at you when you are in communication with someone face to face. This information will complement your ability to read the body language on show. It is possible to quickly assemble baseline characteristics of a person from their face alone. And this can be done literally in a matter of seconds. Whether…


Belief Change

Irrespective of any previous exposure to NLP and emotional intelligence this training will allow you to map the belief structure of a person. You will also be capable of determining why you have certain set beliefs. These skills will allow you to unpack other people’s cognitive processes. The training will provide you with the ability to track beliefs which may be limiting. Powerful…


Coaching and Training

Clearly, to become a master coach you need to learn how to coach and a number of techniques. In essence your aim as a coach, whether it is how to be a life coach, executive coach, career coach, business coach is to enhance the performance and learning ability of other people. It involves knowing how to motivate and how to use effective questioning. It requires giving and…


Gain Attention

Today, gaining your share of attention in any business or communication situation has become the objective, the name of the game. Why? The sheer number of many communication platforms to lock in the relatively short attention span of so many people today. It has become more difficult, much harder and harder, to get your share of attention. Now, most sales people will tell you the…