Face Reading Part Three

Face reading can be used to accelerate and deepen your communication skills. The aim is simple: to observe and absorb what is right in front of you and collect vital information to allow you to become far more influential. The combination of body language expertise and face reading insights will strengthen your rapport skills and enable you to achieve this. Here are the next three…


Face Reading Part Five

The face reveals a wealth of information about someone without them uttering a single word. It exposes the hidden you and the internal influences that drive and guide you in your everyday actions, your everyday life. So far I have mentioned that you need to notice the overall shape of the face, whether it is a square, a rectangle, oval, round, a triangle and so on…


Face Reading Part Six

Given the face reveals a wealth of information about someone without them speaking a single word, it makes perfect sense to tap into some of its potential. Let’s begin to look at the prominent features of the face. There is a vast amount of information on show, so the emphasis will be restricted to those features that will allow you to make a rapid assessment almost in a matter of moments…


Face Reading Part Twelve

Ideally, you want a competitive advantage and having these insights can help you to achieve this.
Well, we have two of them but many of us do not exercise them enough! Yes, you’ve guessed it – let’s talk about the ears. What do your ears tell you? Normally, the ears provide information about someone’s courage and ability to accept a challenge. They inform you about a person’s zest…


Face Reading Part Eighteen

Imagine the advantage you would enjoy when you are dealing with a person, particularly for the first time and in a business or professional context, to be able to quickly make an assessment of how best to deal with them. I call this the magic minute, although it’s more like a 5 second grab, because it gives me an immediate insight into how open and sensitive a person is likely to be…



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