Get What You Want

I’m sure you have walked away from a meeting believing everything had gone well only to be disappointed when what you thought would happen failed to materialise. Consciously accepting, literally, the words people use at times can count for absolutely nothing. Welcome to Part Four on how to use nonverbal communication to get excellent results. In the previous part I discussed…


How to Influence

One of the most popular songs of all time, for good reason, is the John Lennon song Imagine. That led me to think about the power of the imagination and how it can be used to really ramp up your ability to influence people. When you ask somebody to imagine something it directs their awareness to it, even if it’s just to make sense of the sentence. They have to imagine…


Face Reading

The focus of this part will be the eyebrows. Now your eyebrows play a significant role in revealing how you feel. For example, raised eyebrows can show surprise, fear, submission or a request for approval. Lowered eyebrows reveal emotions such as contempt, disgust, dominance, aggression and anger. The eyebrows come together when a person is concentrating or a bit puzzled…


How to Gain Attention

So, your daily focus is on gaining attention. This means contacting existing and prospective customers each working day as your first priority, your number one priority. Challenge yourself because this will guarantee your business success grows and grows. Decide to aim high. Your personal branding will be a huge payoff for you because you will know precisely what to…


Emotional Intelligence

We have said that a master coach should know how to adapt and be excellent at inducing desirable states in the people they coach. And, quite rightly, I’m sure you want to inspire, influence, and develop the skillset of the people you coach. It goes without saying that you want to get terrific results for your clients. However, at times getting the best result can seem somewhat elusive…