Body Language

Right! Now! Should I develop my strengths and make them even stronger, or do something about my weaknesses? What about you? To get outstanding results in any area of your life you are probably going to need a few skills that you can use to develop any opportunity that is available. Of course, it could well be that your strengths are being eroded by one or more weaknesses…


Creative Thinking

If you find yourself, perhaps on occasions unsure of the steps you may need to take to meet a dream, a goal, a challenge, or even a set of problems, then it will be of considerable help if you could find a way to apply your innate, creative thinking ability to the situation. What exactly is required to stimulate your thinking? Interestingly, creativity means having the energy…


Face Reading

It’s got a rather unusual name and it is easy to overlook, but the crease under the nose to the mouth can provide you with an interesting perspective on a person. Let’s discuss the groove known as the philtrum. The line of the upper lip is known as Cupid’s bow because of its resemblance to the shape of a bow, as in Robin Hood. In bygone days, it was thought that the groove had something…


Change Beliefs

A simple truism: The results in your life are based on your behaviour. In the previous part I said: “Tell me your beliefs and I’ll tell you what your life looks like.” Well, the most productive and effective way to change your behaviour is to change your beliefs. Now, virtually all behaviour is chosen. The choice is almost always yours, it’s more or less entirely up to you. So, what is implied…


Coaching and Training

In Part Four we looked at questions that empower people. This is achieved by building positive presuppositions into coaching questions. Questions can be very powerful and to make the best use of them it pays to be meticulous – be very precise. Well-constructed, well-directed, emotionally-based questions, can alter the thinking and state of the person you are coaching…