Is Your Social Media Out of Control?

As you know, there has been an explosion in social media activity in recent years. Many people are finding themselves struggling to devote sufficient time to properly attend to detailed activities such as analysis and learning. What can you do to avoid this trap? 24 hour a day accessible contact with anyone around the world has become more than a possibility. Opening email has almost…


Improve What You Do & Do More Of It!

How readily do you accept that you actually have an unlimited capacity to achieve virtually anything you set your heart on? Or do you believe you are relatively limited in what you are actually capable of producing? Let’s find out. Most people tend to think their ability to excel is somewhat curtailed by their education, the available opportunities, and their God-given resources…


How To Take On & Beat A Habit

Your results are based on your habits. Can a frequently practiced habit be eliminated? Yes, and here’s how. Without changing at least one core belief it is highly likely nothing you do will change a habit. Habits are notoriously tough to break. Will power is useful, but like all New Year’s resolutions, it is difficult to maintain. Beliefs become habits and habits control virtually…


Beliefs, Values & Memories

Most of the key decisions you make are linked to your memories. This is particularly true when it comes to those important decisions you have made about your own skills, talents and attributes. They go to the heart of your identity and unfortunately some of these decisions in turn become limiting beliefs and they can impact all areas of your life. The big question: Why settle…


How to Get What You Want

Change cannot take place until you first determine what it is about YOU that needs to change. To discover this it requires an uncritical observation of your reactions, your responses, to what is happening in your life. The way it makes you feel. This requires brutal honesty. And, yes, ouch! It can hurt. The sum total of these reactions defines your conscious state…