How to Overcome Buyer Resistance

So we know a buyer needs to “care” about what it is you are selling. This means they must engage emotionally no matter what it is you’re selling. The facts about your offer make minor difference. So, what does matter? In fact, how do you get a person to decide in your favour? Well, the brain loves novelty, and new thinking. Do this and you can expand your reach…


Understanding and Mitigating the Risk Factors of Depression

Depression is generally characterised as a mood disorder. However, depression is more than just a low mood, it is a serious illness. A lowered mood and a general loss of interest and lack of anything pleasurable in life tends to typify the symptoms of depression. It is accepted that healthy people undergo a wide range of moods in a given period. This is quite normal; we all have our “ups and downs” – simple, everyday mood swings…


how to change a belief and change your life

Beliefs are the basic rules all of us live by. Once they are formed they become our own personal version of reality and the principles that guide our behavior. They are difficult to change simply because we have a huge investment in them. But are they facts? Let’s look at some accepted “facts” about beliefs: Beliefs have a very powerful influence on behaviour….


Get Going Towards Happiness With This Jump Start

If you have limiting beliefs at the unconscious level, it will be difficult to move through your life in a state of happiness and possibility because your unconscious mind will create obstacles to prevent you from finding the elusive obvious. Why does this happen? Well, at some level people refuse to believe that they have a right to get what they want and this includes being happy…


Solve Your Problems by Exercising Choice

Of course we face problems every day. Some problems barely ruffle the emotional feathers while others cause deep distress. However, we have a tendency to see every problem in the same light. We use the exact same approach to deal with them regardless of their dimension. Having been regimentally taught that a problem has just one and only one solution, it has caused people…


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