Always Presuppose Your Outcome

If you want better results, ask better questions! One of the best ways to explore an issue is to ask good questions. And when I say “good” I mean questions should be asked with precision. A critical factor in asking good questions is to use positive presuppositions. So, rather than say something like: “If you achieve this result, what will it get for you?” Instead presuppose…


Excitable, Anxious, Jumpy, Irritable - What is It? Stress!

Whenever we experience something unexpected, or have to deal with something that frustrates us, “stress” is involved. If the threat is small, our response is minimal. Stress relief is not needed, and we often do not notice it among the many other distractions in our daily lives. So, what is stress? The most commonly accepted definition of stress is that it is a condition or feeling…


You Have 3 Brains! Use Them!

What triggers the emotion of motivation? How are important decisions made? How can emotions be used to influence and persuade? How do prospective clients choose you as the coach they want to work with? One more question: Why is emotional intelligence so important, so vital? Without being too elaborate, it can be said that you actually have three brains. That’s how smart you are…


Operate from a Psychological, Emotional and Physiological State of Excellence

This is where you are: You know what you want. Your aim is clear. You have decided to observe your reactions to all of the events in your life, to make sure you are 100% faithful to your aim. You have started to practice separation from your current, habitual states, those negative states that cause you to believe you cannot aim extraordinarily high. You are beginning to operate from a…


he Starting Point of Change - Self-Observation

Fundamental change requires inner work. Once you have discovered, by uncritically observing your reactions to life, you have something to aim for, and then change can begin to take place. So, define how you want to be rather than simply accepting the way you are – your secret self. This is fundamental to change. So, take some time and think again. What do you want? And how will you…