OPEN a Relationship Before Making Any Attempt To Close a Sale

All sales training should begin with opening relationships. With the cutting-edge sales training skills you can learn you will be able to discover more about your prospective customers in five minutes than you previously could in weeks. Clearly, the functions of sales need to be mastered. Actually, this is a relatively easy task. Surprisingly though, even something as straightforward…


Match, Mirror & Lead

Clearly, having the skill to match, mirror and lead people during an important conversation is more than useful. After all, we want to get our goals. Prior to an appointment you can ask yourself 3 simple questions to set the scene and get yourself into the right frame of mind: One: How are you feeling right now? Two: How do you want to feel? Three: What strategies do you have to feel that…


Gain Attention, Get In Rapport, Gain Trust

Pay attention! I bet you have been told this a few times in your life! Growing up, I’m sure you can remember how exasperated your parents could become. Of course, it is not a command you hear once you are an adult, at least not directly. What can you do when your attention is constantly wavering and preventing you from being more productive? Though you are less likely to be told…


How to Exploit Your Natural Talents

A question: Would you like to become a member of an extremely exclusive club where you can exploit your natural talents and enjoy the benefits of making powerful connections that produce an abundance of opportunities? It’s said that success depends upon WHO you know. But, of course, it also relies on WHAT you know. Would you like to belong to a special group where the door…


They’re Staring You in the Face! Read

Face reading can add to your arsenal when you wish to understand what essentially makes a person tick. The intention is to gather game-changing information that is, well, staring you in the face.
The task is to convert unconscious signals into conscious knowledge to help you to “get” a person at a deeper level which will mean you will be able to communicate with them in a perceptive…