Overcome Personal Obstacles & Destructive Behaviour

If you would like to improve your results in life, whether it’s business related, relationship based, or of a more personal focus, then you will need the right resources to move you from your present situation, your present state, to your desired state. The right training can assist you to get and apply these resources. I would like to suggest what you can achieve…


Don’t Forget to Thank Your Limbic System

He says that’s his best offer. Is it? She says she agrees. Does she? He says that’s the last time he’ll do that. Is it? She says I’ll never speak to him again. Did she? Here’s how can you spot what people really mean. The prime directive of the limbic system is to make sure you survive. It does this by running a program that immediately tells you when you are facing any kind…


From Darwin to Today. Why Emotional Intelligence is Vital

Emotional intelligence is all about the effective use of emotions. Charles Darwin spoke about this in the 1800’s a long time ago, so it has been around for a considerable amount of time. Incorporating emotions and emotional information into your decision-making, problem solving and thinking, and being highly competent at shifting your mood will allow you to capitalise on any situation when…


Left or Right? Which of Your Eyes is Dominant

When people think and talk their eyes move in certain directions. They “go inside” to access a memory or to bring into consciousness a new thought. Observing a person’s eye movements provides a useful insight into their thought processes. Take a look at this graphic: When a person’s eyes go up to their left or right they are processing visually. When a person’s eyes stay level as their…


Powerful Words Produce Instant Appeal

Clearly, knowing HOW to influence others can dramatically improve your results. You can literally transform your communication skills by using powerful suggestions. It’s best to use them in combinations. Obviously, when applied with skill, these techniques can tip the scales in your favour, particularly in a sales-type situation. So, go ahead and familiarise yourself with all…