Your Mind? Black & White Rational

Logic and emotion often contradict one another. You know you need to do something, but somehow you find yourself resisting it. When you feel like this what can you do? Consider this: On reflection are you more of a rational thinker, a logical thinker, or an emotional thinker? When it comes to making important decisions are you more logically based, rationally based, or more emotionally…


Strengths or Weaknesses. Turn a Blind or Grow

Should I develop my strengths and make them even stronger, or do something about my weaknesses? What about you? To get outstanding results in any area of your life you are probably going to need a few skills that you can use to develop any opportunity that is available. Of course, it could well be that your strengths are being eroded by one or more weaknesses…


Statistically Overloaded?

When people feel overwhelmed with the scale of a problem they will rarely act. This is particularly true when a problem is seen through statistical eyes – some kind of thinking in numbers. The desire to act can fade quickly. Let’s discuss how to inspire people to believe they can get what they want. Once a person starts to think about something that involves a process with several steps they…


Made to Stick. Tortoise or Hare?

How can you use the power of your mind to make the changes you want to get the benefits that you would love to have? Your brain is like a well-oiled machine. It can be likened to a super computer.
And like a computer, it can do extraordinary things once it has been programmed. However, a machine cannot change and grow. A computer needs a program, it needs direction. But your brain can…


Misunderstood & Misunderstanding

Being misunderstood and misunderstanding others during an important conversation is often due to certain things: A mismatch between your own rational thoughts and irrational beliefs, assuming you are being fully understood, and second guessing the true intent of what you are being told. You end up tripping yourself up with mixed messages being sent and received. The solution? Follow…