From Chaos To Near Perfection

How can you transform something totally chaotic into something close to perfection? The theory of probability states that it is possible to predict with almost remarkable precision that the overall result of a large number of separate, individual events is predictable. Some kind of order is produced out of something totally chaotic. In other words, a large number of uncertain events…


What You Need To Do For A Personal Breakthrough

If you want a personal breakthrough decide to tackle, confront and eliminate a limiting belief.
And now is the right time! As you learn and grow, as you develop, you unconsciously register your memories and life experiences. More specifically, all significant emotional events are stored in your subconscious. And often these experiences result in negative emotions and limiting beliefs…


Two Magic Words - Imagination & Association

Your brain’s creativity is infinite, but what is one of the very best ways to use this remarkable brilliance, a brilliance you already own? Your brain’s capacity to create is unlimited. It is only restricted by your imagination. There goes a magic word – “imagination”. Once it is joined by another magic word you will have everything your brain needs to produce amazing results…


Creative Thinking Is a Skill & You’re Skillful.jpg

What can you do when you find yourself feeling bogged down trying to find a solution to a tough problem? What can you do to escape from a way of thinking that is not getting the result you want?
Here’s a way to deal with these kinds of challenges. It may seem to be a bit harsh to say that the main reason you get bogged down is your over-reliance on your own experiences to solve…


In a Nutshell - Plan, Review, Do

Many of us take stock of our present situation and then try to predict what we think will happen. We do this in particular with our busy business lives. Now, in our view the best way to predict the future is to go ahead and create it for yourself. And the best way to create it for yourself is to state your goals the way you want them. And don’t be afraid to use your…