How to Solve Your Problems With Emotional Intelligence

Imagine a situation: You are in a discussion and it looks like it could evolve into a disagreement, even descend into a disagreement, and probably will lead to argument. So when you’re faced with a challenging situation where it seems likely an emerging either-or-conflict situation will arise, what can you do? Well, here’s a simple question you can ask using emotional intelligence to overcome…


Freeze, Flight & Fight

How does your body respond when a threat is perceived? How do you instinctively and intuitively react? How do people demonstrate the freeze and flight response to a perceived threat? Well, the head goes down and the shoulders get hunched up. Eye contact is avoided, and movement is cut to the bare minimum. “Now you see me, now you don’t!” occurs as a person shrinks to make…


Are You Being Too Predictable? Know How to Switch People On!

How can you make sure your core message, the essence, the pure essence of what you need to communicate, hits the target? When you want the central theme of your message to be heard, to be paid attention to, how can you give yourself a much better chance of succeeding? Here’s a way. One of the biggest problems in getting your idea across is to avoid being predictable…


Frame Your Questions!

Stop for a moment and reflect on your communication skills. If you had to put some kind of a measure on it, how well would you score? Above average, perhaps? Now consider your body language. What is it telling other people? And importantly, what is it telling you? As an experiment, periodically take stock of what you are showing with your body language, gestures and…


Logic & Emotion Should Be Mutually Dependent

People will always answer your questions even if they say absolutely nothing. So, when you are faced with a tricky situation, a tricky meeting of some kind, always make sure you have assembled a number of smart questions beforehand! Most people prefer to have a set of rules for most of the things that they do. This makes any task far easier…