Feel Stuck and Unable to Find the Resolve to Get Something Done

We have all experienced a lack of motivation when we just knew we had to get something done, but simply couldn’t rouse ourselves to act. It may have a mild case of procrastination, or a severe problem such as the fear of failure. Some mornings we seem able to leap out of bed to greet the day. The bigger the challenge the more motivated we seem to feel. We perform because we…


Make Good Decisions By limiting Your Choice!

Ask a person whether they would like to have more choices or less choices in virtually anything and they will invariably tell you they would much prefer having an unlimited number of choices. This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We all want to know what options are available before making a decision, don’t we? Or do we? The thinking is simple. More choices put you in a position…


Values Alignment Leads to Greater Harmony, Confidence & Success

What are values? Simply stated: Values are those things that are important to you. They are the centre of who you are – they are states of mind and principles of action. Values are usually context dependent. Values are abstract, for example love, honesty, fun, respect, freedom and loyalty.
Values alignment leads to greater personal harmony, confidence and success…


Master Something Truly Challenging & Nothing Will Ever Be Too Difficult

Do you have something in your life that you would like to change? Confidence, and how to be confident, will follow once you make an attempt to transform and change an important area of your life. Transformation itself in one area of your life can have a profound effect on things you want to accomplish in other areas. Thinking changes once the transformational process is experienced…


Empowerment Means Accepting You Have Control Over Your Life

We can change almost anything we choose, and at any time, providing we are serious about learning the techniques of change. Accepting there are areas in our lives that need to change and deciding to take action leads directly to empowerment. Perhaps it boils down to the way in which we control how we process our thoughts and emotions because these actions fundamentally affect the way…