The more opportunities a person has to buy from you, the more likely they will buy from you. The less opportunity a person has to buy from you, the less likely they will buy from you. So, think opportunity! Your mission, your sole mission, is to gain attention, get in rapport, build trust, and discover a person’s real headaches. Each day keep a record of the number of people…



Keep in mind that people that people need to convince themselves they are making the right decision. Generally, they will look at more than one option before making a key decision. So, you need to fill up their convincer that your solution will solve their problem. If they remain unconvinced, be prepared to show flexibility, and add more value to your proposal…



How often do you allow your emotions to get the better of you? Should you suppress your emotional reactions to most everyday events, and focus instead on thinking more logically, rationally and clearly? In fact, do you allow your emotional reactions to play a significant part in your overall results? So, where do you place your emotions in your everyday actions? Are they at…



What do you need to learn to get better, much better results? Well, if you focus on what you want, stay in a curious state, be able to consider different perspectives, take enough time for yourself, become more aware of your negative anchors, accept that you do have emotional choice, and, perhaps most importantly, develop a rock-solid relationship with your unconscious mind – so you…



Got any bad habits? We all know that habits are simply what we do when we don’t want to bother thinking too much. So we do them automatically. Life without habits would be hard to contemplate, wouldn’t it? Habits provide peace of mind so they are extremely useful. Sometimes we prefer to put our thoughts on hold and just let life happen. Practicing regular deep breathing can…