Logic & Emotion - A Framework For Success
We recognise the best framework is to approach coaching with emotion and logic working in harmony. We began to look at the vital coaching process of mastering the art of asking questions. Here we will continue with how to ask empowering questions. Coaching needs a structure and questions shine the spotlight on what we need to know. All questions contain presuppositions…

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How to Guarantee an Immediate Response
Given that great questions control and guide a conversation, and cause mental involvement, they can be used to not only offset objections, but also to elicit a person’s beliefs, attitudes, and importantly, their values. And once you understand a person’s values you can proceed with confidence and imbue your questions with pertinent information to make them even sharper…

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A Universal Truth - Influence and Persuasion Gets Results
Imagine the advantage of knowing you know what somebody is thinking! Just imagine how useful it would be in a business context. Well, perhaps it’s possible! The ability to read someone’s mind could transform your results in any number of areas. Obviously, if you did know what somebody was thinking it would put you in a far better position to specifically know what to do to really help…

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 How to Make a Fantastic Impression Every Time
Would you like to know the ONE big secret of HOW to make a brilliant impression just about every single time? Would you like to improve your results, considerably improve your results, in virtually every area of your life where communication is involved? And where isn’t it? Well, in this and the following part, I’ll share with you the ONE step, ONE big step, you need to take to get…

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 Reframing, Conflict Integration, and Shifting Perceptual Positions
So, what is conflict and how can it be resolved? Internal conflict is a struggle that occurs within the mind. It differs from external conflict, where the focus is on grappling with a force outside of a person. The dilemma posed by an internal conflict is usually an emotional or ethical over-reaction to the way we respond to a difficult situation. Internal conflict typically results…

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