NLP Master Practitioner

This intensive NLP and hypnotherapy training is suitable for people who wish to build on and further develop their NLP and hypnotherapy knowledge.

You will receive, integrate and understand what is needed to effortlessly deal with all kinds of people using truly advanced communication skills.

The benefits learned in this advanced program will provide you with the insights, courage and audacity to challenge your mind-set and produce spectacular results.

The program continues from where the NLP Practitioner program left off to show you how to perform at your peak in business, education or therapy.

You will learn Values, Meta Programs, Advanced Submodalities, Advanced Strategies, Modelling, Advanced Linguistics, Training Design, Public Speaking, Hypnotherapy, and Sleight of Mouth, and more.

You will learn a whole new level and powerful mode of thinking and communication to reach a new personal perspective.

You will know how to apply NLP patterns and techniques at a higher logical level and know how to apply them in coaching.