NLP, EQ, TLT, Hypnosis

An intensive neuro linguistic programming – NLP – and hypnotherapy training is suitable for people who wish to assemble a tool kit of advanced skills to allow them to perform:

Business and Personal Coaching
Sales and Communication Trainings
Learning and Educational Coaching
Change and Growth on a Personal Level
Therapy and Relationship Coaching
Thinking Pattern Changes
Remedial and Generative Change

You will learn NLP and hypnosis skills and techniques experientially.

Emotional Intelligence and Time Line techniques are also highly valued and complementary.

Such a training will provide you with a formidable range of tools which you will be able to put to immediate use.

You will gain more confidence, be able to enhance your performance in any area of endeavour and be able to help others.

Excellent communication skills are a must in today’s highly competitive world.

In every area of life, for example in business and education, it is important to be on top of your game.

We are all in sales today – you are always selling yourself to somebody irrespective of the circumstances – and these skills will provide you with a point of difference and give you an enormous advantage.

Internal conflict will be a thing of the past and will allow you to get the results you want with much more confidence and self-belief.

NLP Training PART Two

The more you believe in what you do, the better your results are likely to get. If you would like to improve your results in life, whether it’s business related, relationship based, or of a more personal focus, then you will need the right resources to move you from your present situation, your present state, to your desired state. The right training can assist you to get and apply these resources. I would like to suggest what you can achieve. You will learn how to overcome all personal obstacles and destructive behaviours that prevent… 

NLP Training PART Three

What do you need to learn to get better, much better results? Well, if you focus on what you want, stay in a curious state, be able to consider different perspectives, take enough time for yourself, become more aware of your negative anchors, accept that you do have emotional choice, and, perhaps most importantly, develop a rock-solid relationship with your unconscious mind – so you remain congruent with your aims and goals. The right training, specifically NLP and hypnosis in this case, though there are others, can help to show you how…

NLP Training PART Four

To gain a competitive advantage it’s smart to have a number of communication skills at your fingertips. It’s super smart to build on and further develop these skills and your NLP expertise. Why? Well, the knowledge gained will separate you from the crowd. You will be able to apply powerful patterns of influence to enable you to communicate even more effectively. You will receive, integrate and understand what is needed to deal with all kinds of people in a superior way that they naturally respond to…

NLP Training PART Five

To gain a competitive advantage it is necessary to have a number of incisive communication skills ready and available in your toolbox. Exposure to the right training will accelerate this. Here’s what such a training can mean for you. Ideally, you want to build on and further develop your influential skills. This training will give you the knowledge and point to how and why we behave in the way that we do. You will gain a flexible range of skills to challenge your mind-set, change your results, and well, create a clear pathway towards what you truly…

Hypnosis Gets Results

Hypnosis has been around for a very long time. But, unfortunately, it can still be shrouded in myth, mystery and mystique. But it shouldn’t be. So, what is hypnotherapy and how can it help you? In part it is a wonderful tool to break free from negative emotions and limiting beliefs. For most of us, the only true limitations we have lie within our own minds. But your mind is there to serve you and not rule you. When you communicate you obviously transmit and receive information. It may surprise you, but when you receive information that makes…  

Time Line Techniques

Many people carry emotional baggage from the past that for any number of reasons they refuse to let go. Some of these memories have the unfortunate tendency of sabotaging their future. Time Line techniques are perhaps one of the most effective tools on the planet today. Why? Because it allows a person to take the learnings from those memories and let go of the emotions. You are then at liberty to create the future you want for yourself. Time Line techniques work extremely well with NLP and Hypnotherapy. They are highly complementary…