Blowin’ in the Wind

So many questions!

The answers? Yes, you guessed it!

I’m certain over time you have considered any number of ways to boost your income, improve your results, and grow your business, only to be frustrated with very little to show for your time, effort and hip pocket.

With the competition being fierce you can seek better marketing, have more astute advertising, claim a sharper social media presence, invest in external resources, network like crazy, and still be left dismayed.

Instead, the spotlight should be cantered on a combination of knowledge and mindset targets to finally hit bull’s eye.

Here the focus will be on the merits of FABLE and at the end of this article I will offer an alternative based on specific knowledge and mindset attention.

If you are in sales, and let’s face it, we are in a sales situation every time we speak to somebody, you will want to deliver a message that convinces.

This is true whether you are selling a product, a service, or just “selling” your opinion.

To grow your business or to make a useful impression on somebody you must be able to influence them.

So, your communication skills must be red-hot.

When you meet a person in some kind of business setting, one way, perhaps the best way, to get your message across is to tell a story, a story with a moral.

A story that overcomes the odds and leads to a personalised solution.

The story should have a beginning, middle, and an end.

It should contain a direction for a person to follow to solve an intractable, puzzling problem.

A fable is a story with a moral, usually about legendary exploits.

The story can meander along like a lazy stream, or it could take the passengers to places where they might laugh or cry, but always feel destiny is calling out to them.

To get the results you want, it’s best to take the pillars of influence by the scruff of the neck to take a person on a journey to persuasive mastery.

That will get the results you want, grow your business and transform your life.

These pillars can be defined as FABLE, or more precisely F.A.B.L.E. where F stands for face reading insights, A for becoming an authority figure, B for body language expertise, L for linguistic virtuosity, and E for emotional intelligence know-how.

They represent the big five secrets to arrive at the destination where you will have a commanding presence.

Brilliant results are the outcome.


You can draw themes from fables, fairy tales, science fiction, the animal kingdom, plant life, adventure stories, folk tales, myths, sport, politics, adventure, and so on to make your point.

You also have at your disposal numerous fables, similes, analogies, and other linguistic devices to kick goals.

More particularly, you want to know how the decision-making part of the brain actually works so you can present yourself in the best possible way.

I’m confident you will conclude that the elements of FABLE, if mastered, will produce the results you want.

Let’s take a look at each of them individually, and finally discuss how beliefs may need to be tackled.


The ability to speed read someone’s personality just by looking at their face is a gift an expert face reader has at their fingertips.

The face cannot disguise or hide secrets. It is on view to the perceptive face reader.

Well, not only will key information of a person’s likely personality be gathered, the ability to uncover how they think, feel and behave can be gleaned, by the astute face reader.


What if you were suddenly recognized as a global expert?

What if you were regarded as an AUTHORITY in your field?

Just imagine it!

Well, this is the aim.

But first…

Perhaps it’s time to be blunt!

It’s significantly easier to sell your products and services when consumers think, no, believe you’re the authority, the “go to” person in your specific field.

You are seen as being different, unusual, and somewhat unique.

In fact, you’re pretty well seen everywhere!

This exposure has helped to seal your reputation and positioning.


Clearly, it makes sense to strive to get the personal skills needed to create a good first impression.

We want to have a presence that is welcoming to the people we meet.

It must be done well and be effective.

A genuine, spontaneous and unaffected approach, works best.

The intention may be to sell your products or services, or simply to be friendly, sociable and get along. In all walks of life, the ability to strike an instant connection with somebody just met is a prized bonus.

FABLE will show you how.


I have recognised that so many people possess phenomenal talents and resources, yet they lack a well-developed, powerful, and influential capability.

In truth, how we relate and communicate will determine the degree of success we will enjoy.

The ability to communicate in a superior way is essential.

One of the best ways to prosper is to be a master of your craft, and learn the elements of FABLE thoroughly, so you can use them, each and every day.

This way you will make progress and inspire yourself.

Language skills, or more precisely, the ability to persuade, is a serious part of any success story.

Now, there are a huge number of language patterns that can be learned to improve your ability to persuade.

They include embedded commands, embedded questions, cause and effect, double binds, tag questions, truisms, reframes, metaphors, analogies and stories, universal quantifiers, and ambiguity.

I’ll stop there because there are many more, but I’m sure you get the message.


What role can emotional intelligence (EQ) play to produce a superior way to communicate?

If you know how to engage with emotion, you will possess noticeable skills.

You will spellbind and charm, and seem to have a trick card up your sleeve.

Few people do this, particularly men, but if rectified it can produce stunning results.

Let’s spend a few moments considering an alternative approach. This is covered more broadly under the “Get Your Guide” on this page. 

However, a few words about your belief system is warranted.


In addition, you are likely to need to work on your beliefs.

This is always worthwhile.

In fact, if you tell me your beliefs, I’ll tell you what your life looks like!

Fundamentally, your life is ruled by your beliefs.

For example, recognizing your limiting beliefs and deciding to eliminate them can completely change your life, can completely change your world.

So, if your beliefs guide and control your thinking, your feelings and your behavior, then the actions you take and the results you achieve will largely depend upon your beliefs.

So, a simple question: are you aware of your own beliefs?

Particularly those limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from getting the results that you would really love to have, that you could easily achieve.

This important subject has also been covered, and if tackled will have an enormous impact.