How to be Free of Fear


If you want to improve your results in any area of your life it’s best to be free of fear.

In other words, drop anything that is stopping you.

Great, but how?

If you ask a person this question:

“If you could wake up tomorrow morning and be free of any fear to do whatever you want, what would you do?”

What kind of response would you generally expect?

When things are not going well we tend to think emotionally.

We struggle to visually access any possibilities.

The emotions have taken over.

We can’t see any possibilities.

A person thinking this way rarely looks up, they look down.

So, if you are with a person in a negative state ask them to close their eyes, look up, and recall a time when they have been confident and free of fear.

You can try this on yourself.

If a person struggles say: “Just suppose you can”.

Stay present and watch for minute physiological shifts that signal they are processing the question.

Blink rate change, for example, is a signal.

Stay silent with a clear thought in your mind that projects:

“I know you know how to do this”.

“Just suppose you did recall a confident time.

Go ahead and do this”.

All of a sudden they can shift from “I can’t” to “I can’t… yet” to well, you know!

Make sure you are in rapport as this builds trust.

Just ask: “What if, what if, what if you did…”

In effect, what are you doing?

You are building on the neural circuitry of the brain to expand their reality.

There is so much going on unconsciously that we often do not understand how we create our own version of reality.

It is important to understand this.

This habit of the brain means we fail to notice what is truly creating our reality.

It comes down to the brain’s memories directing your mind.

What is the brain attempting to do?

It does have a positive intention.

It wants to keep you safe by storing memories of what hasn’t worked in the past.

These are memories of experiences that caused pain, even suffering.

Knowing this you can improve your strategies to begin to get what you want.

You need to bring your attention to the default neural networks of the brain.

Then you can start to control the way you think.

Start to change the brain’s neural pathways, you will directly change the way your mind creates meaning, and your results will shift.

It’s smart to be aware that it typically takes about five positive experiences to overcome the effects of a single negative one!

So, training the brain to think more positively gets results.

Now people have choice.

They have the resources to resolve their own issues.

Help them to get a glimpse of what is possible.

Help them to better train their own brains!

Remember you have many faces, many skills, many talents, and some wonderful attributes.

You also have choice.

You can choose to use your own considerable resources to better train your own brain.

You can reframe all negative thoughts to alleviate storing memories that require too much work to counter.

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Till we chat again, take care, cheerio for now.