How to Ask Great Questions PART FIVE

If you truly want great results, ask great right questions!
Previously I suggested one of the most powerful questions you can ask a person who is to some degree uncertain about what direction to take is:
“What do you want?”

It’s useful to follow this question up by asking:
“How will you know when you’ve got it?”
Why is this?
Well, it gives them the internal evidence that they can and they will ultimately succeed.

And also allows them to buy emotionally buy into taking the actions that are required.
It gives them far more impetus to take the necessary steps.

You can ask a simple mind reading question to get a person to imagine they are crystal clear about the actions steps they will need to take by asking:
“How do you know?”

This causes a person to run their own internal evidence procedure that pinpoints exactly, precisely how they know something is absolutely certain.

It also allows them to take a step back from the way they currently feel when they imagine actually getting the outcome, actually achieving the result.
It literally dissociates them from their present experience, their present emotional state.

Be prepared to amp up a stronger emotional attachment to the desired outcome.
The more emotionally attached a person is to a goal the more likely they will act.

If they are lukewarm, sooner or later they will unconsciously give up.
It also anticipates what’s important to a person by getting them to access their values.

Go ahead and ask: “If you get this outcome, what will it give you that otherwise you wouldn’t have?”

Let’s recap.
Here are the questions you can use to sharpen somebody’s focus and give them the appetite to move forward with momentum.

“What do you want?”
“How will you know when you’ve got it?”
“How do you know?”
“If you get this outcome, what would it give you that you otherwise wouldn’t have?”

Just keep in mind that asking good questions is all very well, but timing and tonality are equally important.