How to Get What You Want

First the important question:
What do you want?

The purpose of this question is to identify where change even radical change may be required so you can feel confident that you can go out and get what you want.

Let me ask you some simple questions.
They point perfectly to how you tend to respond emotionally to many of the events in your life.

How do you feel right now?
How would you like to feel?
What strategies do you have so you can feel the way you want to feel?
How would you like to feel for the rest of the day?
What about tomorrow?

Change cannot take place until you first determine what it is about YOU that needs to change.

To discover this it requires an uncritical observation of your reactions, your responses, to what is happening in your life. The way it makes you feel.

This requires brutal honesty.
And, yes, ouch!
It can hurt…
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