Welcome to another Get Going Activity.

Today many people face stress-related difficulties.
Stress and all forms of uncertainty are commonplace.
Small wonder so much anxiety is on the march.

What can be done if you feel this way so you can get your day off to a great start?

Brain scans of people experiencing anxiety show conclusively that activity increases in the right side of the brain.

Because anxiety is linked to one hemisphere you can use techniques that engage the brain in a way that dissolves the anxiety.

Here is a simple yet powerful way of reducing anxiety and other forms of stress.

Get a small ball and throw it from hand to hand.
Throw the ball across your midline in front of your stomach, tracking it with your eyes, and keeping your head relatively still.
It should be a nice relaxed motion.

Do this for between 1 and 2 minutes.
You can say an affirmation as you do this:
“I am feeling confident, strong and resourceful”, kind of sentiment.

This exercise switches the focus from one hemisphere to the other hemisphere repeatedly.

You’ll find that as you do this exercise your anxiety will reduce – in some cases to zero.

You can repeat the exercise to reduce it further if you need to.

You can get control of your life with this exercise and re-anchor the anxiety response to a calm, centred, balanced, positive, and relaxed state.

Now you have a simple yet rewarding exercise to get your day off to a bright start irrespective of how you get out of bed!

I’ll speak to you again quite soon with another Get Going activity.

Have a great day.
Make it a great day!
Now watch me get going!