How to Gain Attention

Today, gaining your share of attention in any business or communication situation has become the objective, the name of the game.

The sheer number of many communication platforms to lock in the relatively short attention span of so many people today.

It has become more difficult, much harder and harder, to get your share of attention.

Now, most sales people will tell you the name of the game in fact is closing the sale.

Thus, there is an over-the-top eagerness to move to the close far too quickly.
This tactic or battering ram tends to unnerve interested people.

Focusing on this one function of sales is short-sighted.
The facts are simple: only the customer can make the decision that leads to closing the sale.

This decision is not in the sales person’s control.

What is in their control is the ability to create numerous opportunities to gain the attention of a significant number of would-be buyers, which, if used positively and sensibly will lead to sales success.