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Today, it’s essential to have influence and

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Trying to grab your share of attention is a big challenge.

It’s getting harder. Today just about everything accelerates at warp speed.

There is no sign of a slowdown. Time slips by. It seems there’s no time to develop yourself.

And little time to learn anything that will make a difference in your life. On it goes.

Finding a way to cut through the clutter is desperately needed. Not only that, but it is imperative to have techniques at your disposal to get heard.

This is not something you want to put on the back burner. It’s time to bite the bullet.

  • Do you want to know what makes someone tick in seconds?
  • Do you want to become an authority in your field?
  • Do you want superior communication skills?
  • Do you want to influence more people?
  • Do you want to significantly improve your results?

Well, let’s put an ace up your sleeve. This is the acid test.

Let me ask you just one more, but a much bigger question.

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Hit the target with superior influence and persuasion skills

If you are looking to start or grow your business and want to explode your sales and profits… attract more paying clients automatically… and do it all in the fastest time possible…

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Because today I want you to master the #1 skill that can do all of that for you and more.

The #1 skill?

Knowing how to influence and persuade people to buy your products or service in a completely different way.

How? Using what you SEE and SAY, so you can SELL.


A little later I’m going to tell you a secret that will give you a huge advantage over everybody else, but right now I’m going to tell you why buying FABLE Persuasion is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Face the facts. It’s not enough to know a handful of language patterns, hoping with fingers crossed that this will swing the odds in your favour.

What do you really need? You need a MAP. A roadmap.

  • Master your subject… so you have up-to-date knowledge
  • Apply your knowledge… get it out there to those in need
  • Passion and desire… to transform people’s lives

This leads to more sales, higher profits, and less stress.

Read enough? You get it. You’re ready to take action. Good for you.

OK, go ahead and complete your order if you wish.

You do get a 12-month, risk free, money back guarantee. You will also receive 3 unique bonuses.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

It’s a numbers game

A little bit about me.

Today I am far away from the Corporate world and have become a Face Reading expert, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, EQ accredited, Hypnosis Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and author of two books, Mastering Risk and Skyrocket Your Persuasion, among other things.

I am committed to learning, and I bet you are.

Without making any effort at all I have over 449,000 views on YouTube.

I could quite easily double this just by paying conscious attention to it.

However, it’s not something I concern myself with.

I notice that I seem to get 500 or so views every month anyway.

You too can quickly in a meaningful way improve your results, irrespective of the metric you pursue, or the platform you are most interested in.

Looking at the statistics, and my results with people, it’s clear that getting at least a bump of 27% in your results by applying FABLE Persuasion in a relatively short time would be realistic and straightforward.

To succeed you must add sparkling fizz to your communication skills.

Oscar Wilde said that “a man’s face is his autobiography.”

Was he right?

Spontaneous judgments are made of social attributes, such as how trustworthy a person is, from their face shape alone.

Facial appearance can, and does, affect high-stakes, real-world decisions.

To the untrained eye, it can be a form of bias at play.

Biological determinism supports scientific arguments in favor of certain faces.

For example, attractive-looking people have desirable attributes that get rewarded.

Social judgments are made from perceptual cues and this can be measured.

Face reading beliefs positively correlate with perceptual reliability and biological determinism.

In particular the shape of a face has been rigorously tested to conclude that “a book is judged by its cover.”

What you miss can really matter

What essentially can go wrong when in an important discussion?

  • You can fail to read the face shape.
  • You can fail to notice key body language cues and signals.
  • You can fail to adjust your language.
  • You can fail to have a few metaphors to enhance your pitch.
  • You can rely on outdated, inflexible scripts.

All of this can and should be avoided.

The right knowledge will change any outcome.

Imagine what you can do with FABLE Persuasion training!

Oscar Wilde knew a thing or two!

Q) Why are so many people not getting the results they want?

What is missing?

A) Powerful transformative techniques that drive results

“Get FABLE Persuasion and solve the sales riddle once and for all. Decide to make it happen right now.”

Could your results be improved? Are you tired of

mediocre results? How will FABLE Persuasion

help? This product is unique and for a start…

  • You will know what to look for… what that means for you is that you will pick up when to emphasize or change tack.
  • You will know how and when to adapt your message… which means you will be one step ahead and be able to control the conversation.
  • You will always have a flexible process ready… you will be able to convert “fence-sitters” into action takers.



Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

What do you need? Down to earth,

no nonsense, no frills, straight to the point

knowledge that pays handsomely

  • When we underachieve we feel bad about ourselves.
  • We can feel cold beads of sweat on the back of the neck.
  • We cast our eyes down.
  • We feel we are mediocre and average at best.
  • We can even sense we are hopeless, a novice, and a complete failure.

You can have 10,000 volts of personal power!

Ok, so you know the problem exists, and it’s smart to recognise the things you need to focus on.

You must have the right tools to fix a problem, any problem.

You need to have a toolbox with the right tools.

For example, you will need to build a significant presence, online and offline, that can carry your message across multiple platforms.

Yes, you can tinker with all kinds of tools, and waste countless hours getting nowhere.

To make matters worse, you can make things worse!

So many things just get in the way.

This is the consequence you face if this mediocrity problem is not sorted.

To give your consistent best:

  • You need to be prepared.
  • You need to be flexible.
  • You need to have the right tools.
  • You need to be confident.
  • You need to enjoy the challenge.
  • You need the right knowledge.
  • You need to be ready.

Do yourself one big favor!

Learn how to become a Master of Persuasion

right now and set yourself up for life

Simply put:

  • If you want to “read” someone literally in seconds, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to become an authority in your field, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want superior communication skills, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to influence more people, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to significantly improve your results, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to develop your career, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to grow your business, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to make far better decisions, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to overcome all of your fears, Learn FABLE.
  • If you want to open up life’s opportunities, you got it, Learn FABLE!

What will you practically gain with FABLE Persuasion?

  • You will be fluent at reading a face shape… you will pick up personality traits quickly so you know what to say.
  • You will be fluent at reading a face shape… you will pick up personality traits quickly so you know what to say.
  • You will have nonverbal expertise… you will know what to look for and can adapt what you need to say immediately.
  • You will be blessed with language skills… you will be more influential and persuasive to gain consistent agreement.
  • You will use emotional intelligence… you will engage in a sensitive, meaningful way to add to your credibility.
  • You will engage in a smarter way… your message will be memorable, sophisticated, eye-catching and believable.

That’s not all! You will use FABLE skills…

  • When you want to connect strongly with somebody.
  • When you want to share your ideas.
  • During your next presentation.
  • When you practice your elevator pitch on people.
  • Whenever you want to influence somebody.

Perhaps there’s more? Yes, there is! Think about it…

Perhaps you want your relationship and communication to improve… this will determine the degree of success you will enjoy, so why not go for broke?

Perhaps you want to strengthen relationships with clients, colleagues and superiors… so you can relate better, grow your career, and improve the advice you give. In other words, succeed.

Perhaps you want to close more sales and make more money… so you can enjoy the best things in life. “I want that car and I’m going to get it!”

Perhaps you want to improve the way you speak… so you can advance your professional standing and be admired.

Perhaps you want to have a number of flawless techniques at your fingertips… so you can transform yourself into a magical communicator. Imagine where this could lead you!

In a nutshell…

There is so much you will be able to do with FABLE Persuasion.

  • You will be able to “read” someone instantly.
  • You will become an authority in your field.
  • You will have superior communication skills.
  • You will influence more people.
  • You will significantly improve your results.
  • You will develop your career.
  • You will grow your business.
  • You will make far better decisions.
  • You will overcome all of your fears.
  • You will open up to life’s opportunities.

The ultimate guide to success

Let’s look at FABLE Persuasion in more detail.

What does FABLE teach?

What is its focus?

How does it make a difference?

How big is this difference?

What’s involved?

What can it really achieve?

Why would you bother?

Face reading is over 2,600 years old. FABLE Persuasion covers the face shape and the extraordinary information it reveals.

One look provides numerous insights to the expert reader.

You want to know what people are like? This is the way to do it.

What people genuinely mean is revealed through their nonverbal signals. Get these two parts right and you will know what to look for, in effect what to “SEE”.

Once observed the information can be adapted.

Persuasive language skills tell you what to “SAY”.

So, master these three parts and you will be able to SEE and SAY in a magical way.


That’s not enough. You need to be able to SEE, SAY and SELL.

Yes, fine, but how do you SELL?

Important decisions can never made without emotions being involved.

The new brain thinks, the old brain decides.

Emotion cannot be overlooked. For this part the focus is confined to four fundamental areas of emotional intelligence.

How to identify, use, understand and manage emotions.

And what to look for.

  • High EQ individuals are self-aware, flexible and likeable.
  • They are familiar with the triggers that set off their emotions.
  • At a glance they can pick up the emotions of other’s and respond.
  • They have mastered verbal, and nonverbal cues and signals.
  • Facial expressions are observed and identified and never missed.
  • They listen deeply and make people feel free to open up.
  • They are down-to-earth and do not try to dominate a conversation.
  • They look for win-win solutions and always find them!

These attributes can be recognized in less than 5 minutes once you know what to look for – now make sure you’ve got them!

We are almost there. Mastery of these parts will grow your expertise exponentially. You will now be a force to be reckoned with.

FABLE does not settle for this. It powerfully adds to it by providing more specific measures to develop you into an authority figure.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

Accelerate your success in rapid time

These five parts together embody the FABLE platform.

It is the springboard that will lift your performance consistently and make you a dominant force.

You will have noticeable influence.

You will become a human magnet attracting people to you.

It is a platform that will allow you to prosper whether doing corporate or private work, or just having a brief conversation.

Because of FABLE Persuasion you will know what to look for, know what to say, and know how to sell.

Separately, each part makes its presence felt, and if individually mastered each part can make a difference to your results.

It is the powerful way the five parts combine to collectively drive a pathway to success that will end up making you unstoppable.

Here’s a promise. This isn’t your typical

influence and persuasion program

The information in FABLE Persuasion will not overwhelm you with a bunch of techniques that are unnecessary.

The contents of FABLE Persuasion will not bore you with theory you don’t need.

Instead, I give you only the hard-hitting concepts necessary to turn your results around, so you can grow your expertise and increase your ability to persuade like wildfire.

This knowledge will continue working long into the future…

What you’ll learn is timeless. It works today, and it will work long into the future because it’s based on deep human psychology.

Let’s face it, human behavior and psychology hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

The skills you learn in this book are practically based and will pay dividends for the rest of your business career. For the rest of your life.

And that’s why I think $28.97 is an absolute bargain for this knowledge.

I am handing you the result of years of study and experience on a silver platter.

Actually, I’m letting it go for $7.97 because I want to lure you into joining my membership site!

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a carrot dangling right in front of you! It will be worthwhile.

Let me be blunt. You’re not crazy, right? But you would be mad to turn this offer down.

You will learn so much that you can use straight away.

The price is this low because, as said, I want to entice you into joining my membership program at just $35/month.

The price of $7.97 is limited to the first 500 people who buy this book and will revert to $28.97.

After 500 copies are sold, and they will be, the premium chapters on Authority and Emotional Intelligence will be removed… At any time, without warning or notice.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

This Could Be Your Best Alternative…

You can hire me to work with you for one hour a week for 12 months to help to transform your business for only $10K, or you can join my membership program for just US$35 a month and learn all the lessons, tools, and techniques you need to grow your personal expertise and business results.

Your choice.

“Quite frankly, I want you to know in no uncertain terms that there are serious consequences of not knowing what I know, or not having this product.

You want the Holy Grail of Influence and Persuasion, right?

Well, there’s really no point dithering, and wasting more time.

Stop opting for a slow-burn pathway to success. Get it now.“

FREE BONUS #1 – A Reading Of Your Face ($350 Value)

Send 2 Images Of Yourself – Front And Side

It Will Reveal Your Personality!

Although the study of face reading is not part of a separate science of biology or psychology, it is amazing how accurate it can be, providing you know what to look for.

The best way to learn face reading is to first learn how to recognize the different face shapes.

This will allow you interpret corresponding personality traits.

The best part of this exercise is that in addition to the insights you will gain, it can be done in a matter of seconds. Then it can be used.

FREE BONUS #2 – A Daily Routine Program of Action Steps that will help you to build conscious and unconscious confidence ($100 Value).

Many people “need” a quick caffeine boost to start the day. Others opt for a warm water drink with lemon (one I rather like).

Perhaps you are an active type that likes to do some stretching exercises, or go to the gym.

Maybe you enjoy a 20-minute meditation session. Of course, you may not want to do too much!

No matter what it is, it’s mentally and physically healthy having a brief routine that makes you feel vibrant first thing in the day.

I would like you to adopt my 10-minute daily program I always give to my clients.

It will “get you going”, in a simple yet effective way, and set you up for the rest of the day, I promise.

FREE BONUS #3 – A Quick Start 5-Page Guide of FABLE Persuasion ($175 Value).

This guide has been formed with one page summarized and dedicated for each part of F.A.B.L.E.

This will give you a list of actions you can run with that can make an immediate impact on your results.

Of course, it would be enormously important to go through the book page by page.

However, for those people who prefer to “dive in” and get into it without any delay, it can provide an immediate action plan that will accelerate your results.


100% No-Hassle, Risk-Free, Breathe Easy Money-Back One-Year Guarantee

You have one full year to try, test, and prove the principles, techniques and strategies contained in F.A.B.L.E. Persuasion.

Yes, you heard me right. Take a whole year to decide.

I am completely confident that you will personally profit from the techniques described.

If you cannot make at least several (5, 10, 20, 30…) multiples of your outlay within 3-6 months I will insist you get your money back.

Imagine what it will mean to you to become a master of persuasion. What will that be worth to your results, health and happiness!

However, if your ability to influence and persuade using the methods outlined does not increase substantially, according to your own criteria, or if you are not satisfied for any reason after your one year trial period, simply contact me and I’ll send your money back to you, no questions asked.

P.S. REMEMBER, this special offer for FABLE Persuasion comes with 3 bonus gifts including a face reading of you if you move quickly.

Each of these gifts is chock-full of some of the best training that money can’t buy.

Each bonus will greatly add to your knowledge and well-being. Get started on improving your results today.

P.P.S. The FABLE Persuasion book will make a huge difference in your life. You risk nothing. For a limited period you can have the book for only $7.97 before it reverts back to the full price of $28.97.

You have a one-year money-back guarantee. You will also receive 3 FREE bonus gifts, each of which will help you to radically alter your results.

P.P.P.S. You might think your competition is studying these collective parts of FABLE Persuasion.

Trust me, no they’re not.

That’s why, when you do, you’ll gain an AUTOMATIC ADVANTAGE in the world of influence and persuasion.

You’ll be using techniques, strategies, and methods that your audience will immediately respond to.

You’ll be fresh. New. Vibrant. Influential. And yes, Successful.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion