Today, it’s impossible to thrive without superior influence and persuasion skills


You Want Great Results, Right?

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influence and persuasion skills

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Today, it’s essential to have influence and

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Trying to grab your share of attention is a big challenge.

It’s getting harder. Today just about everything accelerates at warp speed.

There is no sign of a slowdown. Time slips by. It seems there’s no time to develop yourself.

And little time to learn anything that will make a difference in your life. On it goes.

Finding a way to cut through the clutter is desperately needed. Not only that, but it is imperative to have techniques at your disposal to get heard.

This is not something you want to put on the back burner. It’s time to bite the bullet.

Do you want to know what makes someone tick in seconds?

Do you want to become an authority in your field?

Do you want superior communication skills?

Do you want to influence more people?

Do you want to significantly improve your results?

Well, let’s put an ace up your sleeve. This is the acid test.

Let me ask you just one more, but a much bigger question.

Do you want to get rid of those thoughts that hold you back and open up life’s opportunities for yourself? Yes? Learn FABLE Persuasion! Simple as that.

Hit the target with superior influence and persuasion skills

If you are looking to start or grow your business and want to explode your sales and profits… attract more paying clients automatically… and do it all in the fastest time possible…

… then listen up.

Because today I want you to master the #1 skill that can do all of that for you and more.

The #1 skill?

Knowing how to influence and persuade people to buy your products or service in a completely different way.

How? Using what you SEE and SAY, so you can SELL.


A little later I’m going to tell you a secret that will give you a huge advantage over everybody else, but right now I’m going to tell you why buying FABLE Persuasion is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Face the facts. It’s not enough to know a handful of language patterns, hoping with fingers crossed that this will swing the odds in your favour.

What do you really need? You need a MAP. A roadmap.

  • Master your subject… so you have up-to-date knowledge
  • Apply your knowledge… get it out there to those in need
  • Passion and desire… to transform people’s lives

This leads to more sales, higher profits, and less stress.

Read enough? You get it. You’re ready to take action. Good for you.

OK, go ahead and complete your order if you wish.

You do get a 12-month, risk free, money back guarantee. You will also receive 5 unique bonuses.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

What I learned the hard way to my cost

When I left the corporate world behind me, it changed my life.

And for the better.

In the corporate world I have held senior positions as a National Divisional Client Services Manager, Information Technology Manager, Investments Manager, directly responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of Funds Under Management, and Senior Systems Analyst.

But I wasn’t happy.

My personal life wasn’t thriving, to put it mildly.

You know how it is, you get stuck and just put up with it.

The months and years just roll by.

Finally, I decided to leave the corporate world, and without realizing it, go on a journey of self-discovery.

I had heard about NLP, did some research, and decided to get qualified.

It’s a numbers game

A little bit about me.

Today I am a Face Reading expert, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, EQ accredited, Hypnosis Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and author of two books, Mastering Risk and Skyrocket Your Persuasion, among other things.

I am committed to learning.

Without making any effort at all I have over 438,000 views on YouTube.

I could quite easily double this just by paying conscious attention to it.

However, it’s not something I concern myself with.

I notice that I seem to get 500 or so views every month anyway.

You too can quickly in a meaningful way improve your results, irrespective of the metric you pursue, or the platform you are most interested in.

Looking at the statistics, and my results with people, it’s clear that getting at least a bump of 27% in your results by applying FABLE Persuasion in a relatively short time would be realistic and straightforward.

Valuable lessons need to be learned

My corporate and small business experience has exposed me to lots of different people, intricate situations, and emotional questions.

Wherever you find people, you find complexity.

Just a little bit about me.

I have advised corporate leaders on their presentation techniques.

I have helped small business owners to overcome an enormous number of challenges in very difficult times to ultimately prosper.

I have helped consultants, coaches, speakers, analysts to develop their programs and improve their marketing and sales initiatives.

I have held hundreds of one-on-one sessions with individuals to address a whole host of personal problems, ranging from severe anxiety to wretched results, to financial ruin. 

Enough about me.

Now I want to help you.

I am going to help you, and deep down inside maybe you’re destined to do this.

I guess you’ve done similar things. I’m sure you’ve waited long enough.

It’s time to get moving.

I know you can and I’m positive you feel the same way.

You are ready, and will gain a psychological grip on success by mastering the five pillars of flawless influence.

To succeed you must add sparkling fizz to your communication skills.

Oscar Wilde said that “a man’s face is his autobiography.”

Was he right?

Spontaneous judgments are made of social attributes, such as how trustworthy a person is, from their face shape alone.

Facial appearance can, and does, affect high-stakes, real-world decisions.

To the untrained eye, it can be a form of bias at play.

Biological determinism supports scientific arguments in favor of certain faces.

For example, attractive-looking people have desirable attributes that get rewarded.

Social judgments are made from perceptual cues and this can be measured.

Face reading beliefs positively correlate with perceptual reliability and biological determinism.

In particular the shape of a face has been rigorously tested to conclude that “a book is judged by its cover.”

Do you ever wonder why other people are doing better than you?

I would like to tell you about a financial sales person I know called James.

He was an accredited derivatives manager and trader.

He wasn’t getting good enough results in his job, nor coming close.

He was under pressure.

His job was to enrol people, face-to-face, into a high-end, relatively expensive ($25,000) 6-month tailored program based on derivative and forex trading.

The people he would interview had disposable income and were looking for competitive returns.

The company also offered brokerage services to clients.

I was asked to help James and three others in the same company who had performance-related issues.

James, had a good temperament, was friendly, spoke well, and looked the part.

He had been with the company for 15 months.

I sat in as he interviewed prospective clients.

He was rolling less than 5% of people he spoke with on to the program.

He was barely covering his salary, which was heavily commission based.

James worked using the company script.

A person he spoke to as I watched had a square face shape.

This wasn’t something James would look for.

Immediately he should have realized he was likely to be addressing an outgoing, intelligent and tough individual.

Keep in mind that people with square faces are energetic with high stamina.

They like to take on major projects.

They often have an analytical mind.

Many are natural-born leaders who remain calm, even in a high-stress environment, which, of course, trading can be.

People whose faces are at least 70% as wide as they are long are often more confident.

The crucial tactics he overlooked

James spent far too long trying to get into rapport and talking “company” small talk.

Communication is mostly non-verbal.

In fact, only about 7% of what is “absorbed” relates to the words that come out of our mouths.

Was James being listened to?

With a square face individual it’s best to get to the point and deal in facts.

Yes, be welcoming, but get on with it and use data as soon as possible.

It was clear the client was anxious to get on with it.

He began to fidget and glanced at his watch.

James missed these signals.

James did have his full attention when he spoke about the company’s returns over the previous 12-months, and the prospect was particularly interested in industry sector results they had obtained.

He wanted to know more about forwards, futures, options and swaps.

This was James’s opportunity.

However, James pivoted and spent too long on “soft” information about the company’s services and direction.

PR information overload was the last thing wanted.

James didn’t recognize how important it was to supply pertinent facts and figures when the client was fully engaged.

This was the best way to overcome initial setbacks and with “street-smarts” he could still seal the deal.

The questions he was asked made James feel uncomfortable.

He valiantly stuck to his script, got flustered and struggled with what he regarded as “unusual” questions.

 The client, to his credit, didn’t attempt to dominate the conversation too much, but did hold a strong focus on James.

This told me it was likely he had a healthy EQ.

James didn’t read the situation well. The important attributes of the prospect didn’t register.

It was still possible to turn it around even at a late stage, but he would have had to act quickly and look for win-win solutions.

The client didn’t follow through.

He missed what really matters

What essentially went wrong?

He didn’t read the face shape.

He didn’t notice key body language cues and signals.

He didn’t adjust his language.

He didn’t have a metaphor or two to enhance his pitch.

He relied on an outdated, inflexible script.

All of this could and should have been avoided.

The right knowledge would have changed the outcome.

Imagine what James could have done with FABLE Persuasion training!

Having spoken to the company’s directors, it was explained to them the problems the staff had.

I was invited back to do more training and spend some time training the directors!

Oscar Wilde knew a thing or two!

Dodged a Bullet

The people being trained were basically clutching at straws trying somewhat desperately to turn their results around.

In truth, they didn’t have the slightest hope of achieving it.

After a brief period of training they started to get results.

Even the worst of the three performers immediately TRIPLED his results, which wasn’t terrible hard to do in truth.

Then again, how would you feel if you doubled or tripled your results?

The more interesting part of this one story is that two of the three people changed jobs soon after!

One went from $75,000 pa to $102,000, the other from $50,000 to $63,000 pa in double quick time.

Clearly these two people were talented but misdirected.

This amounted to a whopping 36% increase and 26% increase respectively.

Not too bad! The point is they needed knowledge, the right knowledge.

Now their careers are vaulting ahead.

It’s been my experience that setting a target of doubling the results no matter the form, of anybody who seriously learns and adopts FABLE Persuasion techniques is not extraordinary and is an achievable target.

How would a 26% to 36% increase in your results appeal to you?

In my view, it’s rarely a student issue, it’s much more of a teacher inadequacy.

It’s time to move away from average results and get busy making your luck.

What would it take to double your results?

Probably nothing more than letting go of all fears and doubts, and just doing what you need to do, and being the person you can be.

Why are so many people not getting the results they want?

What is missing?

Powerful transformative techniques that drive results

One overriding theme that struck me above all with most people was the lack of a clear method so many otherwise competent people could confidently follow to properly “read”, others more accurately.

They basically relied on an in-depth knowledge of their own products and services.

And not much else. That’s about it.

Yes, they knew their products and services well, yes they knew they must look the part, yes they knew that had to get into rapport, some even knew how to match and mirror, and so on, but none of them knew how to “put it all together” to “get” a person at a deeper level.

This inability meant they were, in effect, crossing their fingers hoping for the best.

It was all in the lap of the Gods.

It’s not a winning strategy.

Did they manage to influence and persuade some people at a deep level?

Some days possibly, most days, no.

This weakness left them vulnerable. Their arguments needed to be much stronger.

It left doubts and doubts do not sell.

There was a failure to convince people how their programs were superior to the competition.

What was lacking? One five letter word. FABLE! Take a look.

“Get FABLE Persuasion and solve the sales riddle once and for all. Decide to make it happen right now.”

“Get FABLE Persuasion and solve the sales riddle once and for all. Decide to make it happen right now.”

Could your results be improved? Are you tired of

mediocre results? How will FABLE Persuasion

help? This product is unique and for a start…

You will know what to look for… what that means for you is that you will pick up when to emphasize or change tack

You will know how and when to adapt your message… which  means you will be one step ahead and be able to control the conversation

You will always have a flexible process ready… you will be able to convert “fence sitters” into action takers

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

Things you didn’t know you didn’t know

Sometimes, when push comes to shove, we can end up feeling terribly upset with an outcome that we anticipated would be a game-changer.

It could even be a platform for future success.

Perhaps we made a mistake of assuming this would be the case.

Maybe we were relying too heavily on this one result.

Perhaps we were blindsided.

It can be distressing seeing others succeed as we struggle.

Even worse if we are struggling to survive in a job or a relationship.

In these situations, no matter what we try, we seem to end up with much less than what we bargained for, and do not get what we hoped for.

At other times we can need a “push” to break through the results barrier to claim the rewards that hard work had us believe would come our way.

We can be just that little bit short.

It’s frustrating when we feel an invisible hand is holding us back and puzzled why we are standing still unable to make real progress.

Stop wasting any more of your time on products

that make big promises but fail miserably to


We can be left kicking ourselves for misunderstanding what was required.

Even worse, if we were unable to roll with the punches when the heat was on.

We can be irritated with ourselves that we weren’t properly prepared and didn’t see disappointment coming. It can be almost too much to bear.

We can dedicate hours preparing and devote a massive amount of nervous energy to be across everything that may be required for an important meeting.

We can be a whisper away from success only to fall just short.

How do we cope when we come that close?

So close we can feel it.

What about next time? 

What can we do to push through the undetected obstacles that continue to defeat us?

What is the difference that will make the difference?

Sometimes even a 1% increase can matter.

What do you need? Down to earth,

no nonsense, no frills, straight to the point

knowledge that pays handsomely

When we underachieve we feel bad about ourselves.

We can feel cold beads of sweat on the back of the neck.

We cast our eyes down.

We feel we are mediocre, average at best.

We can even sense we are hopeless, a novice, a complete failure.

There are all kinds of reasons and scenarios we have to face in life to thrive in what is a highly competitive world.

It can be a mighty challenge to face a cruel reality and steel ourselves to learn from an incident that went wrong, and positively move on.

If a multiplier effect occurs the results can be devastating.

Usually, no matter how bad a situation is, you can work through it.

It’s just part of life.

But, when setbacks become all too frequent it takes a heavy toll.

When we see our hopes dashed it can be unsettling.

I know from my own experience how deflating it is to receive a knockback when you know you are best qualified to perform a job.

Tinkering solves nothing

Fortunately, most setbacks will not make a huge difference to our lives, but there are occasions when the wrong result can overwhelm even the more robust of us.

Careers, relationships, financials, family, even our health can take a hit.

Even worse, we come home feeling gloomy with a forced smile, no appetite for tomorrow, being stuck, unable to relax.

“Why should it be this way?”, you might think.

Nothing in life is perfect, we know.

But wouldn’t it be so much nicer if life was a fun run instead of a rat race? Well, it can be.

Getting off the joyless treadmill ride and on to the yellow brick road means there is a problem that must be solved.

You can have 10,000 volts of personal power!

Ok, so you know the problem exists, and it’s smart to recognise the things you need to focus on.

You must have the right tools to fix a problem, any problem.

You need to have a toolbox with the right tools.

For example, you will need to build a significant presence, online and offline, that can carry your message across multiple platforms.

Yes, you can tinker with all kinds of tools, and waste countless hours getting nowhere.

To make matters worse, you can make things worse!

So many things just get in the way.

This is the consequence you face if this mediocrity problem is not sorted.

To give your consistent best:

You need to be prepared.

You need to be flexible.

You need to have the right tools.

You need to be confident.

You need to enjoy the challenge.

You need the right knowledge.

You need to be ready.

Do yourself one big favor!

Learn how to become a Master of Persuasion

right now and set yourself up for life

Simply put:

If you want to “read” someone literally in seconds, Learn FABLE.

If you want to become an authority in your field, Learn FABLE.

If you want superior communication skills, Learn FABLE.

If you want to influence more people, Learn FABLE.

If you want to significantly improve your results, Learn FABLE.

If you want to develop your career, Learn FABLE.

If you want to grow your business, Learn FABLE.

If you want to make far better decisions, Learn FABLE.

If you want to overcome all of your fears, Learn FABLE.

If you want to open up life’s opportunities, you got it, Learn FABLE!

What will you practically gain with FABLE Persuasion?

You will be fluent at reading a face shape… you will pick up personality traits quickly so you know what to say

You will have nonverbal expertise… you will know what to look for and can adapt what you need to say immediately

You will be blessed with language skills… you will be more influential and persuasive to gain consistent agreement

You will use emotional intelligence… you will engage in a sensitive, meaningful way to add to your credibility

You will engage in a smarter way… your message will be memorable, sophisticated, eye-catching and believable

That’s not all! You will use FABLE skills…

When you want to connect strongly with somebody

When you want to share your ideas

During your next presentation
When you practice your elevator pitch on people
Whenever you want to influence somebody

Is there more? Yes, there is! Think about it…

Perhaps you want your relationship and communication to improve… this will determine the degree of success you will enjoy, so why not go for broke?

Perhaps you want to strengthen relationships with clients, colleagues and superiors… so you can relate better, grow your career, and improve the advice you give. In other words, succeed

Perhaps you want to close more sales and make more money… so you can enjoy the best things in life. “I want that car and I’m going to get it!”

Perhaps you want to improve the way you speak… so you can advance your professional standing and be admired

Perhaps you want to have a number of flawless techniques at your fingertips… so you can transform yourself into a magical communicator. Imagine where this could lead you!

In a nutshell…

There is so much you will be able to do with FABLE Persuasion.

You will be able to “read” someone instantly.

You will become an authority in your field.

You will have superior communication skills.

You will influence more people.

You will significantly improve your results.

You will develop your career.

You will grow your business.

You will make far better decisions.

You will overcome all of your fears.

You will open up to life’s opportunities.

The ultimate guide to success

Let’s look at FABLE Persuasion in more detail. What does FABLE teach? What is its focus? How does it make a difference? How big is this difference?

What’s involved? What can it really achieve? Why would you bother?

Face reading is over 2,600 years old. FABLE Persuasion covers the face shape and the extraordinary information it reveals.

One look provides numerous insights to the expert reader.

You want to know what people are like? This is the way to do it.

What people genuinely mean is revealed through their nonverbal signals. Get these two parts right and you will know what to look for, in effect what to “SEE”.

Once observed the information can be adapted.

Persuasive language skills tell you what to “SAY”.

So, master these three parts and you will be able to SEE and SAY in a magical way.


That’s not enough. You need to be able to SEE, SAY and SELL.

Yes, fine, but how do you SELL?

Important decisions can never made without emotions being involved.

The new brain thinks, the old brain decides.

Emotion cannot be overlooked. For this part the focus is confined to four fundamental areas of emotional intelligence.

How to identify, use, understand and manage emotions.

And what to look for.

High EQ individuals are self-aware, flexible and likeable
They are familiar with the triggers that set off their emotions
At a glance they can pick up the emotions of other’s and respond

They have mastered verbal, and nonverbal signals

Facial expressions are observed and identified and never missed

They listen deeply and make people feel free to open up

They are down-to-earth and do not try to dominate when talking
They look for win-win solutions and always find them!

These attributes can be recognized in less than 5 minutes once you know what to look for – now make sure you’ve got them!

We are almost there. Mastery of these four parts will grow your expertise exponentially. You will now be a force to be reckoned with.

FABLE does not settle for this. It powerfully adds to it by providing more specific measures to develop you into an authority figure.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

Accelerate your success in rapid time

These five parts together embody the FABLE platform.

It is the springboard that will lift your performance consistently and make you a dominant force.

You will have noticeable influence.

You will become a human magnet attracting people to you.

It is a platform that will allow you to prosper whether doing corporate or private work, or just having a brief conversation.

Because of FABLE Persuasion you will know what to look for, know what to say, and know how to sell.

Separately, each part makes its presence felt, and if individually mastered each part can make a difference to your results.

It is the powerful way the five parts combine to collectively drive a pathway to success that will end up making you unstoppable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


This sounds like a lot of information. Will I have time to go through all of it?

 Yes. I’m giving you a full year to process ALL the information contained in the book. This means you have plenty of time to go through it at your own pace, and, more importantly, put into practice what you learn. The book is designed to be a resource and knowledge bank for you to refer to whenever you want. If you get into difficulties and are unsure how to proceed, simply send an email and I’ll point you in the right direction if I can. I want you to succeed and will do whatever I can to help you make this happen. That is my personal guarantee to you.

How is this information different than other similar programs out there?

Theory is all very well, but it’s putting the information into practice that really matters. Too many people have not had both senior corporate and private small business experience. Corporately, I’ve been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of fund under management to administer. I have run my own small business helping other small business owners and individuals for several years. In other words, I’m not just all talk. Every part of FABLE Persuasion is based on real world experience, together with hours of research, and exposure to a number of experts over time. Life in the trenches teaches you hard-won lessons!

How quickly can I put the information into practice?

It depends upon the amount of time you dedicate to learn the insights presented. You can read the material in a few hours, or take your time and absorb it in your own time. It would be best to read the material more than once. I would be happier if you joined my membership program to go even deeper and more comprehensively into the parts. Then it will be at a much deeper level, yet still at a manageable pace. Contact me if this interests you and I would be delighted to welcome you aboard. Keep in mind that you can start going through the material in the book and put what you learn into practice just moments after opening the book.

Is this book right for me? Will it make a difference?

This is a simple, yet understandable question, so thanks for asking. I would like to answer it by asking you a few questions. Do you regard yourself as an authority in your industry? Are you thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of influence and persuasion? Are you a business owner that needs to increase traffic and sales, both online and off-line? Do you need to grow your business in a SMART way? Are you a professional at the top your game, but want to jet fuel your results by strapping a couple of rockets to your arsenal? If you answer YES to any of these questions, the book will help you enormously.

Will I have access to ALL future material no matter how much is put in later, and for no additional cost?

Yes. If you get the book, I will provide any updated material to you free of charge.

What if I’m a total beginner?

I believe I’ve got you covered. Think of FABLE Persuasion as a moveable feast. You can gather the knowledge and apply it at your own discretion and pace. The book basically has five parts that can be mastered independently. You can start each part completely separately and fresh, and then apply it methodically. The real strength is to understand how each part once absorbed fits together to collectively give you impetus and momentum.

When will all the content be completely finished?

Probably never, because I’ll always be adding to it! I never stop researching and updating. That’s just the way I am. When you’re ready I would ideally like you to join my membership program for ongoing knowledge.

My business is different. Will this work with my business?

Most likely. The information will help small business people, advisors, coaches, speakers, consultants, and virtually anybody that makes money through dealing with people. If you’re here now, it’s likely that’s the reason. And this book will help you.

What if I decide the information contained in the book is not suitable for me?

Rest easy. As with any of my products and programs, I’ve got you covered by a full one-year money back guarantee. Just send an email and I’ll promptly refund your full payment. No questions asked.

Will there be any support as I go through the book?

I am always available for you to contact me with any issues you may have. I can be contacted by email at any time. I will do my best to help.

I don’t have an audience or online business, yet. Is FABLE Persuasion right for me?

It’s always best to have a plan with a structure that makes sense so you can confidently make steady progress. FABLE Persuasion will provide the big picture of what you will need to fully succeed. It will also provide the details you must consider, action and master to reach your destination.

I’m not an expert in anything. Is this information right for me?

One of the essential parts of this book is to show you just how you can develop your expertise. You might be surprised how much knowledge you already have that is not being put to use. Take some time to think about yourself and what you enjoy. It might amaze you what simple actions like this can lead to and achieve.

I already have a product. Will FABLE Persuasion help me improve it?

Obviously you want to increase your market share to sell your product even more broadly. Once you are seen as an authority it will open the doors to more opportunities for you. FABLE Persuasion has a focus on superior communication skills, and this alone must improve your marketing and sales results.

I’m pretty advanced already. Is FABLE Persuasion right for me? 

There’s always more to learn. Personally, I have a philosophy of lifetime learning. I’m sure you do too. I believe the book will help you, perhaps in ways you haven’t yet considered.

Will this work for my business or industry? 

Yes. The information can be applied to any industry, commercial or otherwise, or situation where communication with others is required. It doesn’t matter how specialized the industry is, FABLE Persuasion will help you to improve your results.

I’m worried I won’t have enough time for this. How much time will it need?

The information in the book, while being comprehensive, is structured in five parts that independently provide a number of initiatives to help you prosper.

Just take your time and go through each part at your own pace. Then you will over time absorb the material and be in a position to apply it without any stress. Anyway, I’ve always believed that slow learners are better learners!

Here’s a promise. This isn’t your typical

influence and persuasion program

The information in FABLE Persuasion will not overwhelm you with a bunch of techniques that are unnecessary.

The contents of FABLE Persuasion will not bore you with theory you don’t need.

Instead, I give you only the hard-hitting concepts necessary to turn your results around, so you can grow your expertise and increase your ability to persuade like wildfire.

This knowledge will continue working long into the future…

What you’ll learn is timeless. It works today, and it will work long into the future because it’s based on deep human psychology.

Let’s face it, human behavior and psychology hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

The skills you learn in this book are practically based and will pay dividends for the rest of your business career. For the rest of your life.

And that’s why I think $28.97 is an absolute bargain for this knowledge. I am handing you the result of years of study and experience on a silver platter.

Actually, I’m letting it go for $7.97 because I want to lure you into joining my membership site! Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a carrot dangling right in front of you! It will be worthwhile.

Let me be blunt. You’re not crazy, right? But you would be mad to turn this offer down. You will learn so much that you can use straight away.

The price is this low because, as said, I want to entice you into joining my membership program at just $35/month.

The price of $7.97 is limited to the first 500 people who buy this book and will revert to $28.97. After 500 copies are sold, and they will be, the premium chapters on Authority and Emotional Intelligence will be removed… At any time, without warning or notice.

Yes! I Want FABLE Persuasion

This Could Be Your Best Alternative…

You can hire me to work with you for one hour a week for 12 months to help to transform your business for only $10K, or you can join my membership program for just US$35 a month and learn all the lessons, tools, and techniques you need to grow your personal expertise and business results. Your choice.

“Quite frankly, I want you to know in no uncertain terms that there are serious consequences of not knowing what I know, or not having this product. You want the Holy Grail of Influence and Persuasion, right? Well, there’s really no point dithering, and wasting more time. Stop opting for a slow-burn pathway to success. Get it now.“

FREE BONUS #1 – A Reading Of Your Face ($350 Value)

Send 2 Images Of Yourself – Front And Side

It Will Reveal Your Personality!

Although the study of physiognomy, face reading, is not part of a separate science of biology or psychology, it is amazing how accurate it can be, providing you know what to look for.

The best way to learn face reading is to first learn how to recognize the different face shapes.

This will allow you interpret corresponding personality traits. The best part of this exercise is that in addition to the insights you will gain, it can be done in a matter of seconds. Then it can be used.

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