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Hi, this is Mike Lally of In this short series I would like to show you how to read and then use the features staring right at you when you are face to face with a person.

You can discover a person’s likely personality from their face alone.

And this can be done literally in a matter of seconds.

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You will quickly know how to adjust the way you communicate.

You can then swiftly adapt your approach and begin to develop very deep rapport and trust – the key to gaining the confidence of people.

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The emphasis is restricted to those features that will allow you to make a rapid assessment in a matter of moments.

You are looking for the obvious!

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We are confining the information to those key characteristics you can immediately go out and use.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Eyebrows – Thinking Styles

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Distribution of Eyebrow Hair – Handling Details

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Amount of Eyebrow Hair

Page 8

Eyebrow Shape – a Framework for Thinking

Page 9

Eyebrows – Degree of Friendliness

Page 10 Eyebrow Insights

In Summary…

“Over to you. It’s time to go out and notice these characteristics!”

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Next the ears. What do the ears tell you?

They inform you about a person’s zest and enthusiasm.

If you wish you can visit for further information on face reading.

Until next time, take care, cheerio for now.