How to Make Change Stick


What causes you to get out of bed in the morning?

What makes you think, feel and behave in the way that you do?

What are the driving forces that guide you in your life?

And the big question:

What simple yet powerful action could you take to radically improve your results?

What is the one driver above all other drivers do you need in your life to get the kind of results you would be proud of – results that possibly you only dream about today?

What do you need to master to make your ideas transform into the kind change that would make you and people sit up and take notice?

Of course, there are countless human drivers that once enacted will bring enormous benefits.

Challenging yourself, becoming more creative, making a bigger contribution, and improving your competence in various areas, quickly spring to mind.

So, there’s a million things you can do.

But…what would be the one driver above all?

The big momentum builder?

The ring that binds them all?

Sure, you can argue that certain specific skills, once learned, could produce a similar effect.

Tools such as NLP and emotional Intelligence, for example.

I believe the only meaningful way you can answer the big question is to ask yourself certain other questions.

Without identifying what it is you ideally want, it almost becomes pointless thinking about adjusting your life.

And the big question:

1. “What have you been holding yourself back from?” And why.

2. “In the perfect world what incredibly bold change could you make today that would truly transform your life?”

Make it a course of action that is possible for you to achieve.

Make it something you just know you could do in the right circumstances.

3. “What conditions do I need to impose on myself – a set of rules – that I need to follow to make sure I STOP doing some things, so I can BEGIN something new without falling back into my old ways and routines.”

The driver?

Nothing more than a deep desire for change.

Remember you have many faces, many skills, many talents and many choices, and some terrific attributes.