Creative Thinking 

Without thinking too hard about it, it is pretty clear that thinking in a more creative way could produce significantly better results.

Creative thinking techniques can be used to encourage all of us to think in a more productive way.

Let’s begin by taking a new look at problems.

Given we have the same hardware the likes of Aristotle and Einstein had available, why not tap into similar techniques they used to produce such remarkable results of such enormous benefit to mankind?

How can you use the power of your creative mind to make the changes you want to get the benefits that you would love to have?

Your brain is like a well-oiled machine. It already knows how to be creative.

Having the techniques to improve your creative thinking can make a huge difference to your results.

Creative thinking and accelerated learning go hand in hand.

Given you have the ability to learn anything you want, so why not harness the creativity of your thinking to learn something new?

Learning and creativity strategies and techniques are the key.

Whether it is convergent thinking, divergent thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, or generating ideas, stimulating your creativity will help you to come up with fresh, new ways of doing things.

Understanding creativity techniques will allow you to solve problems, and take advantage of opportunities. We all have natural creativity, though many people do not know the simple techniques that can be used to accelerate and strengthen this process.

The ability to overcome the prejudices of logic by examining a variety of creative thinking techniques is a wonderful gift.

New concepts and thinking strategies will quickly emerge to inspire you.

Go ahead and “see what others do not see”, “think what others are not thinking and develop an “opportunity mindset”.

Brainstorming, and stimulating your creativity, can make a complete difference to your results in life.

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It is also worthwhile reading the information on accelerated learning as it is highly complementary given it contains some extremely useful pointers and tips to aid your creativity.

Creative Thinking PART Two

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Creative Thinking Part THREE

If you find yourself, perhaps on occasions unsure of the steps you may need to take to meet a dream, a goal, a challenge, or even a set of problems, then it will be of considerable help if you could find a way to apply your innate, creative thinking ability to the situation. Let’s discuss a way of doing this. What exactly is required to stimulate your thinking? Interestingly, creativity means having the energy, the focus to seek to solve issues by unorthodox and sometimes, well quite illogical…

Creative Thinking PART Four

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Creative Thinking PART Five

The way you deal with ideas and day to day situations will largely depend upon your accumulated experiences. Generating a wider range of perspectives is seldom practiced. After all, you don’t fix what you know works. But this tendency can make some problems seem incredibly daunting, and a solution far too elusive. Creative thinking can help in this respect, but how? Though there are several styles of thinking, most of us tend to think reactively or passively about a situation…

Creative Thinking PART Six

Sometimes a solution to a problem seems a million miles away. And it can get you down. Previously I mentioned the benefits of changing your environment to help solve a difficult problem. I’d like to chat a little more about this. Here I am on the local beach very close to where I live on a gorgeous autumn day, so I thought I should follow my own advice and pop down here. I’m really glad I did, it looks absolutely fantastic and I feel great! Mind you, I may have to ask the water to quieten down just…

Creative Thinking PART Seven

The way you deal with ideas and day to day situations will largely depend upon your accumulated experiences. Generating a wider range of perspectives is seldom practiced.After all, you don’t fix what you know works. But this tendency can make some problems seem incredibly daunting, and a solution far too elusive. Creative thinking can help in this respect, but how? When you disrupt your thought patterns, ideas get created to provide a tremendous stimulus to your thinking…

Creative Thinking PART Eight

When people feel overwhelmed with the scale of a problem they will rarely act. This is particularly true when a problem is seen through statistical eyes – some kind of thinking in numbers. The desire to act can fade quickly. Here’s how to inspire people to believe they can get what they want. Once a person starts to think about something that involves a process with several steps they tend to switch into an analytical mindset. This means they are far less likely to think emotionally. The…

Creative Thinking PART Nine

Your brain’s creativity is infinite, but what is one of the very best ways to use this remarkable brilliance, a brilliance you already own? Your brain’s capacity to create is unlimited. It is only restricted by your imagination. There goes a magic word – “imagination”. Once it is joined by another magic word you will have everything your brain needs to produce amazing results. Any idea what the word is? You got it, “association”. Your brain functions at its best creative way once you combine imagination…