Body Language Observation

Believe it or not, non-verbal information. your body language, approximates to about 55% of total communication.

So, the art and science of reading body language is vital to ensure your message is reaching its target in the most advantageous way.

Today it is possible, with the right training, to detect someone’s thoughts, emotions, mood and subsequent behaviour.

It’s better to leave nothing to chance!

The truth is that the body always speaks the truth.

Consider the following:

Is it possible to know whether someone likes you or not, even before a word is spoken?

Is it possible to know someone’s thoughts and feelings by observing their body language?

Is it possible to influence someone without even saying a single word to them?

Is it possible to know whether someone is telling the truth?


Body Language PART Two

How important are first impressions? Well, according to research by the New York University, you make 11 decisions about a person in the first seven seconds of making contact with them. Whoops, better smile! These impressions cover a wide range of variables including a person’s education, economic situation, how trustworthy they are, their level of sophistication, and their social and professional desirability. Your nonverbal communication makes such a major contribution…

Body Language PART Three

In the previous part I stressed the importance of making an excellent first impression. In this part I’ll complete the discussion and then move on and show you how to project a positive, pleasing, warm and vibrant personality that gets results. Now I’ve stated that you make eleven decisions about a person in the first seven seconds of making contact. So, nonverbal communication plays a massive role in the overall impression you give about yourself when you first make contact with someone…

Body Language PART Four

I’m sure you have walked away from a meeting believing everything had gone well only to be disappointed when what you thought would happen failed to materialise. Consciously accepting, literally, the words people use at times can count for absolutely nothing. We discussed the importance of making a good, no great, first impression. I also indicated the kind of attributes that will draw people to you. However, projecting a positive, pleasing, warm and vibrant personality may not be enough…

Body Language PART Five

Would you like to know the ONE big secret of HOW to make a brilliant impression just about every single time? Would you like to improve your results, considerably improve your results, in virtually every area of your life where communication is involved? And where isn’t it? Well, in this and the following part, I’ll share with you the ONE step, ONE big step, you need to take to get outstanding results. I did say nonverbal communication, but this part is different because it is a verbal process… 

Body Language PART Six

In this part I’ll continue to discuss the ONE big step you need to take to get outstanding results. Your tonality and physiology truly dominate your ability to communicate effectively. Story telling skills and metaphor are key ingredients of the big step. Modulating the voice will impact the way a person feels. Feelings control the decision-making process. Story telling can be made so much more compelling by adding excitement and drama to the story by sounding particular words according to their literal… 

Body Language PART Seven

A question: Would you like to become a member of an extremely exclusive club where you can exploit your natural talents and enjoy the benefits of making powerful connections that produce an abundance of opportunities? Would you like to belong to a special group where the door is opened  ONLY to the chosen few? In this part and the following part I will show you how to gain access into the inner circle, and become a member of a distinguished group of people by using superior and…

Body Language PART Eight

Imagine the results you would enjoy if you had the skill to effortlessly develop binding connections with people quickly and easily every time. You know, the power of touch can be exploited to influence people to invite you inside their inner circle. I’d like to show you a non-intrusive way of doing this so you can reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits. I talked about how to use the four zones of space, that’s the public, the social, the personal, and the intimate zones and why it is essential to use your…

Body Language PART Nine

In the absence of rapport, nothing is possible. In the presence of rapport everything is possible. So luckily we are all thoroughly familiar with the meaning and process of rapport, aren’t we? Or are we? Well, it’s my belief that many people have an insufficient, almost inadequate sense and understanding, of rapport. In my view, genuine rapport, meaningful rapport, is the ability to cause someone else to feel better, much better about themselves when they are with you. And if this is done well it will…

Body Language PART Ten

So, would you like to know the clearest body language signals a woman will reveal to suggest that you are of interest to them? Your body language basically is hard-wired into your brain. This means that you are highly likely to display what something means to you instinctively and unconsciously. It is a simple, natural response to a moment in time and it occurs regularly throughout the day in all social situations, during conversations, and so on. The same principle applies when we see…