Advanced Sales Skills

Would you like to gain an advantage over your competitors?

Would you like to transform your business relatively quickly?

Would you like to exponentially improve your sales resuts?

I guess you would be interested!

What is needed? A Sales Strategy!

This includes comprehensive sales training, face to face selling, win-win sales negotiation skills and techniques, compelling influence and persuasive skills, superior sales presentation skills, and results-driven sales coaching.

Know Your Mind can provide you with the advanced sales skills you need through its unique sales coaching and training.

What are the critical secrets to sales success?

It is not just the ability to make a good sales presentation!

So, will any sales training do the job?

In short, excellent communication skills may not be enough to give you the winning edge in today’s hurly-burly,competitive business world.

Having quick-silver ideas and a quick mouth are no longer sufficient to work small miracles.

The language patterns and strategies explained in this training will allow you to work the crowd in a completely distinctive and unbeatable way.

Most people believe sales trainings should start with closing the sale.

After all, this is the most difficult part of sales, right?



Well, what is sales?

Making money through rapport, trust and open communication!

The difference that makes the difference in any situation where your ability to communicate in a superior way is essential is having the power of influence and persuasion at your fingertips, available and ready for use.

The book Skyrocket Your Persuasion will teach you how to master and use the art of influence and persuasion.

When I conduct workshops around Australia, I recognise that so many people possess phenomenal talent and resources.

However, a well-developed, powerful, influential capability is often lacking.

So, what can be achieved by studying the language patterns in this book?

You will strengthen relationships with clients, colleagues and superiors.

You will close more sales and make more money.

You will benefit both personally and professionally.

You will assemble a number of flawless techniques to progressively transform and turn yourself into a magical communicator.

Greater success is just a few lessons away.

Highly effective communication skills are just a few lessons away.

Superior communication skills are just a few lessons away.

Skyrocket Your Persuasion will help you to achieve the success you can have and deserve.

In truth, your relationship and communication skills will determine the degree of success you will enjoy.

Effective communication skills are absolutely essential.

Take a moment to look at the advantages you will gain by learning the lessons contained inside Skyrocket Your Persuasion by watching the video below.


At Know Your Mind we believe all sales training should begin with opening relationships.

With the cutting-edge sales training skills you will learn with Know Your Mind you will discover more about your prospective customers in five minutes than you previously could in weeks.

Clearly, the functions of sales need to be mastered.

This is a relatively easy task though it does require perspiration!

In fact, sales people face a number of challenges and may need to sharpen their skills in the following critical areas:

Consultative and relationship selling,

Prospecting for new business,

Handling sales enquiries,

Sales presentation skills,

Closing the sale know-how,

Handling objections,

Selling to different psychological types,

Negotiation skills,

Time management skills,

Goal setting skills and

Personal motivation skills.

However, perhaps the one over-riding skill that needs to be mastered is the ability to persuade and influence people.

Get this right and everything else falls into place.


Surprisingly though, even something as straightforward as a sales call is often done less than effectively.

Let’s discuss this one area alone for a moment.

A sales call is one of the most important and probably one of the most neglected activities in sales.

Every face-to-face engagement matters.

Some calls are crucial to a salesperson’s ultimate success.

For many, the short period of intense anxiety in the lift on the way up to an appointment takes care of the planning for the meeting.

Not good!

Call planning done effectively takes little time and not much real effort.

It should properly prepare the salesperson to maximize every moment of time with the customer.

The words used are important.

Gaining instant rapport and communicating using the right presuppositions is vital.

However, the real advantage of a training with Know Your Mind flows from knowing how to tap into the way belief systems work to dramatically increase your power to influence.

Sales training and sales coaching should properly focus on the power of communicating with influence and knowing how to gently and unconsciously persuade.

It should never be about the hard sell!

Know Your Mind can help you in several different, but complementary ways:

  • To fast track your career
  • To refocus your life goals
  • To integrate life-changing tools into your work
  • To recognise entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To become a master of persuasion

Sales coaching makes good sense.

Equally, sales training makes sense.

Sales is a highly competitive results industry and people need to be properly trained.

This is absolutely true.

But how effective is your coaching?

What return have you got from your sales training?

Coaching should be common sense, but is it common practice?

Most organisations speak highly of coaching, but few managers actually understand what good coaching really means.

Of those that do, many fail to recognise the barriers to coaching effectiveness and the best way to overcome them.

The principles behind effective sales coaching need to be understood.

Actions need to be forthcoming from any sales training.

The right sales skills are needed to generate top line growth.

The right sales tools need to be made available.

Influence is the key.

The ability to influence and persuade should be an essential part of all sales training.

The functions of sales, sales presentations, sales planning, sales techniques, sales negotiations, sales reporting, business planning and goal setting are all important, but the ability to work the crowd in a completely distinctive way will guarantee success.

Being the same as everybody else does not generate prosperity!

The principles you will learn can be applied and will create really strong sales relationships.

They teach you how to build rapport, how to get clarity on what someone wants, how to understand their VALUES and criteria, and how to be flexible along the way until you close a deal or decide to walk away because the fit isn’t right.

Successful sales professionals are able to take a customerer’s perspective and match the benefits of their product to the customer’s needs.

Nobody wants to be blatantly sold to, but they do want to be listened to and to find solutions to their issues.

They want products and services that will help them to run a business or enjoy life more.

They want the “feel good” factor.

Knowing how to influence and persuade people and knowing precisely how people make decisions is a key distinction for sales success.

Successful selling is about matching the customer’s needs on many levels.

The key to success and prosperity is adaptability.

So to pull no punches, a master of influence can use words to redirect a person’s attention and change their perceptions.

The cold reality is that with the right skills you will have 24-carat gold persuasive power at your fingertips.

The Advanced Sales Skills training builds on the sales foundations learned in our Sales Training Workshops.

Feel free to browse the information on the Sales Training Workshop.