Overcome Buyer Resistance PART THREE

We accept a buyer needs to actually CARE about what it is you are selling.

Facts and figures make little difference.

They must engage with you emotionally.

So, how can we do this quickly and easily?

We want to know how do you get a person to decide in your favour.

Now we know the old brain plays a significant role in making key decisions.

And we know the old brain is a primitive organ.

It is the seat of the “flight or fight” response and can be described as the reptilian brain.

It has been around well before the development of the middle and new brains.

When attempting to influence people you must satisfy the old brain.

As said, your whole marketing and sales strategy should be based this way.

Here’s a couple of useful tips:

First, the old brain loves contrast.

If you provide a simple to process contrast mechanism the old brain can make a decision quickly in your favour.

By contrast I mean: “Before and After” type contrastive information, such as Fat/Thin, Risky/Safe, Profit/Loss, Rich/Poor, Opportunity/Threat.

You need to create contrast in your communication to get the attention of the old brain.

Dickens said this perfectly in A Tale of Two Cities when he wrote:
“It was the Best of Times. It was the Worst of Times.”
And what a brain he had!

The most important variable is emotion, getting a person to care.

The old brain is triggered ONLY by emotion.

Emotions create electro-chemical responses in the brain.

Emotions flood the body and brain with specific chemicals.

Every enjoyable memory has a strong emotional attachment.

This is one of the reasons why negative emotions affect a person’s well-being.

Your customer must experience a positive emotional response to your message.

Remember, data and logic, facts and features, do not achieve this.

Your words do not achieve this.

You must engage emotionally.

People buy on emotion and justify through logic.

And it needs to be done through your customer’s values – what’s important to them.

If a buyer does not easily remember your message they will not choose you.

If you do not switch on the “buy buttons” in a person’s brain a buyer will not choose you.

The goal of making your messages more emotional is to get a prospective buyer to CARE.

You need to form an association between something a buyer may not really care about YET to something they do care about – their VALUES.
That’s it.

The first part in this short series can be read by clicking Part One.

Remember you have many faces, many skills, many talents and a number of wonderful attributes. And you also have choice.

Go ahead and choose to make the “power of association” an important part of your sales technique.

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